Photographer pokes Photography Workshops by Teasing trivial Camera Lessons


With so many photography workshops around, I guess photographer Donald Giannatti felt there was a need to fill in the blanks for some beginners out there. Donald came up with a series of short tutorials on the basic skills needed from photographers such as How to open a camera bag (with a bonus about closing it too) and Lens Caps for Film Photography.

Donald hinted that many more tutorials will come on this series. (Hit the jump for teasers from his first three workshops)

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The Miggo AGUA – a storm-proof, quick-draw camera bag


As some of your faithful followers may know, I like camera bags.  I also like to make them water-resistant.

My family and I do a lot of outdoor activities, from hiking and exploring to paddling and camping, often encountering less-than-ideal weather conditions. For those of us who like to take our cameras into extreme weather, we often worry about how the gear will fare…or we simply opt to leave it at home. On one whitewater trip last year, I drowned an SLR body and lens because it wasn’t properly sealed in the bottom of my kayak.

That is why I am excited about the new storm-proof quick-draw carrier from Miggo – the AGUA.

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Build Your Own Inexpensive Transport Equipment Cases

diy-equipment-case-12- Lights_Cases

Basic tools and carpentry techniques can save you a lot of cash when protecting your valuable hardware! Like a lot of video producers on a budget I’m always looking for ways to save cash while moving forward with the realistic hardware needs of various projects. The recent purchase of a pair of vintage Colortran 2K Fresnel lights nudged me to seek some type of protective storage and transport case option that wasn’t insanely priced. These are big fixtures and they call for big cases. [Read more…]