Why I Don’t Answer My Phone Anymore (Also Why I Cancelled Voice Mail)

why I don't answer the phone and cancelled voicemail

If you’re a photography business owner, you know the feeling:

Your phone rings, you drop everything and rush to grab your phone to take the call…”Hello, can I speak to the person in charge of finances…your website…purchasing…advertising?”

At that moment, I would like nothing more than to reach through my phone and strangle the a$$hat on the other end.

So, I thought I’d explain why I don’t answer my phone anymore, and why I cancelled voice mail.

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Sony Banking on Its Image Sensors; Will Raise $4 Billion to Invest in Development and Production


Once known for its compact discs and Walkmans, Sony has suffered losses from its consumer goods in recent years. These losses, along with the success of the division in charge of image sensors lead to a surprising move by the Japanese giant.

Sony announced yesterday that it will raise 440 billion yen (nearly $4 billion) in order to further invest in image sensor development and production capabilities.

Despite major efforts, the company failed to see profit from its TV and mobile business.

On the other hand Sony is currently supplying its sensors to some of the largest tech companies, including its rivals in the photography and mobile markets, maintains a huge share of the market and is unable to meet the demand for its semiconductors.

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5 Tips For Marketing Your Photography Business For Less Than $50


Self-employement can be great, but one of the worst parts about being in business for yourself is…well, being in business for yourself.  So much more responsibility rests directly on you, and you almost literally hold the key to your success or failure.  You are salesman, accountant, receptionist, customer service representative, coffee fetcher…and, somewhere way down the list is the actual service you provide.

Many of us dislike or perhaps loath some of the other hats we must wear.  We’d rather be shooting the covers of magazines than spending time cold-calling, trying to land that next magazine cover shoot.  But, one area where many well-meaning and driven photographers lack expertise is in actually marketing their services and bringing in new clients.  Sure, there are plenty of divas who simply think if they shoot what they love that the masses will blaze a trail to their door, but most photographers are simply intimidated by the prospect of marketing or at a loss as to where they should begin.

And then, there’s always the cost factor.  Many of us don’t have large marketing budgets.  We can’t afford to launch TV campaigns the are synchronized with print and online advertising pushes and reach tens of thousands of people in a short time.  We are stingy with our money, not because of a dark, miserly side, but simply because we know the value of the money we earn and always seem to have a million other areas to which we could apply it.  However, marketing your photography business doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Fashion and editorial photographer Jeff Rojas is based in New York City.  He has competition on every street corner and a budget that doesn’t come to close to rivaling the GDP of even the world’s poorest nations.  (I mean, which of us really does, right?)  So, with a little time and creativity, Jeff has done his best to maximize the budget that he does have.

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Blacks Photography is Shutting Down; Closing All 59 Stores

Blacks_LogoAll 59 stores belonging to Blacks Photography will close on August 8th, as the retailer was unable to keep itself relevant in the era of digital photography.

“Technological innovations have changed the way Canadians take and share photographs, with fewer of us using retail photo outlets,” said the parent company’s spokesperson Luiza Staniec.

Founded in 1930 and purchased by its current owner in 2009 for $28 million, Blacks Photography going out of business will leave some 485 employees, mostly in Ontario, looking for new jobs.

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Studio Binder Aims to Simplify the Chore of Coordinating Talent

Studio Binder

For a recent bridal photography fashion session, I had over thirty emails flying around between myself and my talent just to confirm availability, let everyone know what time to be there, where to go, and what to bring.

And that doesn’t include all the reminder and clarification text messages.

This was a a relatively simple shoot with just me, a model, makeup artist, video guy and location owner involved.

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Canon Set To Take Over Video Surveillance Industry With A $2.8 Billion Purchase


Eager to strengthen its market share in the growing industry, the Japanese giant has made an offer to buy all shares of Swedish network video surveillance leader, Axis. Should the deal go through, it will be Canon’s biggest purchase to date.

This move is a natural step forward after Canon purchased Milestone Systems, a company providing video management software in the network video surveillance business, in June 2014.

Canon is not the only well known camera manufacturer to enter the field of video surveillance, with several dominant brands also looking to diversify their income streams.

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Why “Do What You Love” Career Advice Leads To “I Live In A Van Down By the River” For Creative Professionals

career advice for creative professionals

I have been thinking a lot recently about the direction that I want to take my photography business, and this week I came across two really interesting ways of looking at career advice for creative professionals.

First, there is the “do what you love” genre of career advice for creatives.  Then, there are statistics.

For the sake of this article, lets call them fantasy and reality.

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Is Live Sports Photography Really Photography?

What about concert photography?  Fashion show photography?  Paparazzi? Red carpet event photography?  Or pretty much any circumstance where there are multiple photographers taking the same photos from the same location, in the same light, with the same gear, at the same settings, producing photos that look pretty much the same as every other game / concert / fashion show / celebrity photo ever taken?

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