More Useful DIY Lighting Tips To Try Using Stuff You Already Have At Home

diy lighting tips

It’s nice to have access to an entire studio full of fancy lighting, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes we just have to figure it out using a little ingenuity and some DIY skills–and for a lot of us, that’s all part of the fun, especially when it comes to lighting!. The guys over at Film Riot are masters at DIY lighting setups which is  why we always look forward to any new post they do covering the topic. In their latest tutorial, the team covers a heap of lighting tips to either fill in for or compliment an existing lighting setup. Plus, they are insanely simple to make (some of the tips actually don’t require you to make anything).

Film Riot explores ways you can make your ordinary household lighting (read: flat, boring light) and change it into more dramatic and interesting lighting simply by swapping out light bulbs or hitting them with a coat of high temperature paint to change their temperatures. [Read more…]

Shooting the Burning Light Bulb Filament – The Movie

Burning Light Bulb Filament Back when I started DIYP, one of the first successful posts was a project called A Burning Light Bulb. The post explains how to break a light bulb and photograph it’s burning filament. This is really a fun photography project for a weekend (as long as you are careful with the glass and electricity).

For the new video with lots of great tips from Jon Beard, scroll down after the jump. For some blogging ponders read on.

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Photography Project – A Burning Light Bulb

burining light bulb - flame out

Bulbs, lots of bulbs. This is what you need if you are going to do this project. In the picture you see the bulb’s filament’s burning, isn’t it a pretty site. For all you pyro’s out there, this is yet another thing you can burn.

And if you can take a picture of this little fire, why not.

So here is The Full Guide for Photographing a Burning Light Bulb – have fun! [Read more…]