Tom Cruise, ‘Scared Sh!tless,’ Hangs Outside a Plane During ‘Mission: Impossible’ Filming


I have never been a fan of Tom Cruise.  From mediocre acting to control-freak tendencies, he’s never really left much for met to get excited about.  Until now…

In the upcoming installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, which hits theaters at the end of the month, Tom gave his stunt double the proverbial finger and decided to risk his own life to accurately play his character.

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Microsoft Bent Backwards To Document The Windows 10 Wallpaper. Too Bad You’ll Only See It Once


With windows 10 release just around the corner, Microsoft made a huge celebration about its upcoming new default wallpaper.

The video below describes how the team created that photos and trust me no effort was spared. It has special glass made, haze, projection and camera mapping, and even special Lasers. The process actually is quite fascinating.

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Vincent Laforet Shoots London Nighttime Photos from 6000 feet (Plus BTS Footage)

As part of his AIR project, which aims to show the world is connected by creating outstanding nighttime aerial photos; Vincent Laforet recently shot some incredible photos of London from a helicopter.

The project began with a set of photos above New York city that went viral, and has since covered several more cities around the world.

Other than London and Barcelona, which were both photographed earlier this month, Laforet will be spending the next few days capturing the scenic night views of Berlin, Paris and Venice.

A behind-the-scenes video of the Los Angeles shoot, as well as a video detailing Laforet’s workflow, have been released and can be seen below.

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Complete Lighting Walk-through & Behind The Scenes Footage Of A Fitness Photoshoot

bts4We’re only rarely treated to such thorough walk-throughs and behind the scenes footage as the one pro photographer, Alexis Cuarezma has posted over on his blog, which details an entire photoshoot he recently wrapped up with IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete Ashley Pfaff.

Over the course of the photoshoot, Cuarezma and his crew would be shooting outside in under the bright Las Vegas sun, in addition to shooting in a dark gym. The photographer had about 6 different looks planned and since the fitness model was flying to Florida that same evening, the team had a limited amount of time to get everything done. Needless to say, there would need to be a fair amount of organization to keep everything moving on schedule. [Read more…]

How The SNL Title Sequence Was Made? With A Ton Of Creative Camera Use

Editor’s Note:  I am a big SNL fan and I love their super stylish opening title sequence. The production of this sequence shows true mastery and understanding the photography format (they use freelensing, creative bokeh, light painting, tilt-shifting and just about any other creative tool out there). Alex Buono, the Director of Photography of the sequence shares how it was made.

…And we’re back! After a much-needed summer hiatus, it’s that time of the year again when my comrades in the SNL Film Unit all reconvene on the 17th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza for another season of filmmaking speed-drills.

While the usual shoot is a dead sprint from Thursday thru Saturday night, every few years we produce a new Title Sequence and that sprint becomes a 3-week non-stop marathon. Especially when it’s the 40th Anniversary season. The passing of Don Pardo — the legendary voice of SNL since 1975 — only amplified the feeling that this new sequence needed to be something extra special.

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