Legendary Photographers Pose With Their Most Iconic Photographs


“Don’t undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible,” the book starts. The potent quote by the late Edwin Land seems quite apropos given the nature of the pages that follow it. The project Tim Mantoani documents in his book, Behind Photography, has been nearly a decade in the making. Beginning back in 2006, when Mantoani got his first taste of a Polaroid 20 x 24 Land camera, he had just gone through a painful battle with a rare form of bone cancer and soon after found himself mourning the premature loss of his close friend and mentor, Dean Collins. Though Mantoani was devastated by the loss, he was profoundly moved at the lack of control one has over his own fate. [Read more…]

Photo Series Illustrates Same Sex Couples Relaxing In Their Homes In The 1980’s

GayCouples 009

Tim & Chuck, Key West, 1987; © Sage Sohier 2014

This effective photo series by American photographer, Sage Sohier, provides a remarkably beautiful storyline to her latest book, At Home With Themselves. The 122 page book documents the lives of same sex couples living in America in the 1980’s, a time shrouded by fear as a frenzied public struggled to better understand the AIDS epidemic that had just began sweeping through the gay community. It was the pain of the AIDS crisis that inspired Sohier to embark on the project in 1986. After watching more and more gay men fall victim to the disease, Sohier began seeking out same sex couples that would allow her to visit their homes and take candid photos of them where they are most at ease. [Read more…]

1000 Beautifully Photographed Poses From Supermodel Coco Rocha

coco2As much as we’d like for our clients to just naturally know how to pose for a photograph, we have to be realistic; it’s never going to happen. Part of the portrait photographers job, in fact, is to be able to tell their subjects how to pose and present themselves in front of the camera and, just like our subjects, we’re not always the best at posing, either. Fortunately, supermodel Coco Rocha (aka “The Queen of Pose” ) has teamed up with iconic photographer, Steven Sebring, to publish the super useful book Study Of Pose. [Read more…]

Photos Of A Soviet Union That Once Was


Fine art photographer Rebecca Litchfield was commissioned earlier this year to photograph the abandoned buildings of the former Soviet Union and its Satellite states. In a long trip spanning over 10 countries and a year of many individual trips, Rebecca shot buildings in Eastern Europe, The Baltic’s, Ukraine and Russia.

This was not a random roaming around, Rebecca shares her goals which were pretty specific, while leaving space for creative freedom.

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The Essential Guide To Portrait Photography: An ebook Review And A Giveaway

The Essential Guide to Portrait PhotographyThe Essential Guide To Portrait Photography is a new eBook from the home of Digital Photography School, with produced by Darren Rowse. Thank you.

I love this blog, so I am happy that they have an eBook out.  I got a copy (well, an eCopy) I have read it and I love it.

To be completely transparent on this, I got my review copy for free.

Review and giveaways after the jump.

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A PJ Book Full Of Projects

photojojo bookA PJ book? Are we talking about a new Pajamas book? A rising Photo Journalist?

Our friends over at Photojojo lunched the Photojojo book. It is a book loaded with great projects for the DIY addict.

For a long time now, I’ve been reading the PJ newsletter. It is a great source to get project inspiration and  some great ideas to lay with once you are sitting at home wondering what to do with all those great pictures you took.

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10 Photography Book Recommendations By DIYP Readers

Liri getting an early start on photographyAbout a month ago I asked DIYP readers what were your favorite books? A month (and a new home) later I am sharing this list with you.

It is not surprising that the list features both great classic books as well as some new one and some great hidden gems. Thanks for all the readers that participated and took the time to share their thoughts.

The number of books out there can be stunning, so it may be interesting to see what other photographers think about some of the books out there, and get a direction. 

I picked up 10 of those books and reviews that I felt gave a good reason to go out and buy a book:

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Pan Intended – Matters Of Light & Depth – A Book Review

Matters Of Light & Depth I believe that the best way to understand lighting is to experiment with it. But understanding the basics of light and the general scheme of things can help you set foot in the right track. This is why I think reading lighting books is a great way to improve your photography.

Today I would like to review on of those books, Matters of Light & Depth by Ross Lowell.

Just before I dive into the content of this book, I’d like to say something about style – Ross has plenty of it. The book got a smile on my face more than once. With titles like Light of Passage, Light Philosophy, and Shedding Light, you take in valuable lessons while not feeling too serious.

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Best Book Ever – Light: Science and Magic – A Book Review

light science and magic I have just finished reading Light: Science & Magic (for the second time) and (again) I can not calm down. It took me a week and I spent every almost every waking hour reading it. Let me share the joy I had with you.

In general, Light: Science & Magic tells you everything you need to know about photography lighting. And the stuff it doesn’t tell you, it tells you how to figure out yourself.

Just before I go into an in-depth review of the book, I’ll say that reading this book in one week was both good and bad for me. Good, because I got an intense dose of photography lighting, obtaining critical mass of lighting know how. But, because reading so fast did not allow me to perform any of the exercises on the book, this is why I plan yet another slower reading of Light: Science & Magic where I will try out and test the techniques portrayed in the book.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think in the comments. Now for the review:

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The Photo Book Made @ Home

America at Home Photo Album Custom CoverWhat if someone told you the following thing? "Your home, your family are so special, that if you took their photo, I’ll put the photo in a fine photography best selling photo album".

This is exactly what happened to tens of thousands of amateur photographers (and about a 100 top class photo journalists) when Rick Smolan decided to take on the (my) America at Home Photo Book Project.

Rick has dome several successful photography projects before (among them the America 24/7 photo album). All had a thing in common – Mix some pros and amateurs, throw in some directions and let the party start.

This is why I was not surprised when Rick decided to make America at Home a community project as well.

So why do I think this book deserves a DIYP post? Mainly because is shows that amateur photographers are good enough to compete with pros. Although the rate of images that entered the book is way higher on the pro side. Quite a few amateurs have made their signature on this book.

The second reason to feature this photo book is the book’s subject. OK, how many times each and every one of us was lacking inspiration? With over 250 photos taken at home, this book definitely shows that home can provide ample inspiration. Of course if it is not enough, you can always get some more inspiration here.

To see what I am talking about, jump here and see the actual pages of the book. (Well not the whole book, but enough to get you hungry).

Another bonus to this book are the articles written by Amy Tan, Dominique Browning, Terry Teachout and Matt Groening (Yap, this is the Simpsons dude)

As anything else in the world, you can get America At Home from Amazon, but if you order the book here, you can make a cover with your family in it. (See my family and custom cover in the pic above – trust me, it looks better on the real cover)

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