Avoidable Photographic Errors

Gratuitous header image.

Gratuitous header image.

Rule number one: there are no rules. A ‘mistake’ may not necessarily be a mistake if it helps convey the message or story or feeling intended by the photographer. I can easily think of multiple examples that go against every scenario described below. That said, for the most part, I’ve found these ‘mistakes’ to hold true. And if you want to achieve something very specific, then you either won’t be reading this article in the first place, or you’ll know when to bend the rules. The general viewing public probably has some preformed opinions of what is right/good, but these are born out of as much ignorance as conditioning by companies trying to sell more software or lenses or something else. There are rational reasons why these opinions may not necessarily be right in the context of fulfilling creative intention.

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Beautiful Natural Light Photography Camera Techniques You Can’t Do With An iPhone

I recently spent a long weekend with friends at their cottage up north (“up north” is Canadian for not in the city and not in the USA).

Of course, I spent a portion of my time with my camera (or more accurately cameras – because who goes away with just one…), and the inevitable question was asked by my friends:

Why bother carrying that huge camera around – couldn’t you just use your mobile phone?

jp danko, stock photography, cottage, natural light camera technique, dslr vs iphone, jp danko, toronto, commercial, photographer

In this article, I will explain two beautiful natural light photography techniques that you can’t do with an iPhone.

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Easily Carry Your Bokeh Discs

[091/365] - Make 7, Up Yours (by Marco_Parc)Finally, the Bokeh Masters Kit gets mod. I could not be more proud.

It is a simple mode, a modal’e. Yet DIYP’s kit is now a proud member of the modifiable products family. Kudos to Guy Tismansky for submitting it. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and see this kit introduction post.

The mod is simple and really takes only 30 seconds to complete, once done it will allow you to easily carry your bokeh discs by attaching the discs wallet to the camera strap. If you already have a kit, simply follow the instructions below. [The image above was taken by Marco_Parc using the bokeh masters kit] [Read more…]

Telling a Story With Shaped Bokeh – Five Examples

We all love a photo that tells a story. In stories we talk about sub plots. Subplots can relate to the main plot and enrich in it many ways.

It can prelude the main plot and help create emotional attachment to the characters. It can contradict the main plot and provide irony. It can resonate with the main plot, making its point stronger.

In photography we have subject and background (or far plain). The background can relate to the subject, in similar ways that a sub plot relates to a main plot.

To illustrate that point I decided to use images with shaped bokeh.

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Thanks You And Bokeh Masters Kit Winners Announced

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)A few days back I launched a new product – my baby – the Bokeh Masters Kit with a little giveaway to kick things off.

My first reaction was thank you. In little less than 48 hours, my entire stock of Masters Edition kit went down. As well as lots of Demo kits.

I am thankful for this great acceptance of the kit.

But you are not here for my thanks, you are here to see who won the prizes. Winners just after the jump. [Read more…]

The Coolest Photography Gadget Ever – The Bokeh Masters Kit + Giveaway

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)Everybody loves shaped bokeh images. So do I. Shaped bokeh images are those cool images that have all the blurred lights spear as a heart or star or any other shape.

This is why I wanted to share a very cool new gadget that’s out there for creative photographers – The Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a pro level tool that achieves the same effect as we did with the “Create Your Own Bokeh” post way back when we just started the blog. [Read more…]

The Bokeh Shape-O-Matic

bokeh shape-O-matOne of the more popular posts here at DIYP is Create your own Bokeh. It shows you how to add hearts or stars (or skulls) shapes to your picture. I can totally understand it. It is a quick project, it’s fun and it takes nothing more than a piece of black paper and a puncher, or scissors.

I have to say, though, that making a few of those fun widgets takes time. It also eats space in the camera bag. If you are ready to take it to the next step, take a look at Ron Rademacher‘s Bokeh Shape-O-Mat.

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Removing The Mystery From The Heart Shaped Bokeh Thing

Create a Heart Shaped BokehOne of the most popular posts here at DIYP is the Create Your Own Bokeh post – this is the one that teaches you how to make nice shapes in the blurred area of your image – AKA Bokeh.

It is a nice thing because, usually, those hotspots are just taking away from your subject attention, and if you apply this technique, those annoying hotspots can become part of your artistic say.

Creating your own bokeh shapes is easy and fun, however there are a few repeating questions that I frequently get by email and comments. This is why I was really happy to learn that manimal magic has done some great thinking and have solutions for all questions. Some of manimal magic’s wisdom was found in the comments of the original post, and some was taken (along with the images for this article) from his (really awesome) Flickr stream. I am going to format this as a Q&A thing, cuz it really feels like he’s answered all the hard questions.

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Get Creative with Selective Focus!

creative_with_selective_focus_03_s.jpgLong while ago I published the Create Your Own Bokeh article which was one of the most fun articles this site has seen. I then followed up with some of the uses of this technique and DIYP Flickr pool had a fine hour with great and creative images that used this trick.

One of the questions that keeps popping us is “can you give some more details instructions on the process of making this this filter?”

Well, your prayers have been answered. Shannon Beauford created a complete guide on behind the scene of Creating Your Own Bokeh.

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