The Secret Life of a Barcelona Bench


Think of the least time you sat on a public bench. Did you have lunch with a friend? Were you on a date? Did you have a seat to catch your breath after a run through the park?

Whatever it was, I bet you didn’t stop to wonder what happened on that bench 24 hours before you where there or what experience the person sitting there after you will be going through.

It’s amazing how many moments and experiences, as small and unimportant as they may be, take place in areas like public benches. Just as captivating is how unaware of it all most of us are.

For over a year now Hungarian freelance photographer Gábor Erdélyi has been following one of these modest hotspots, in an attempt to capture the bustling, vibrant and constantly changing city of Barcelona.

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Into The Night Will Motivate You To Go Outside And Take Photos During The Next Blue Hour

into-the-nightAfter sharing Roy Two Thousand’s Burning Man timelapse a couple weeks ago, I decided that I could probably cut back on my timelapse addiction for a while. After all, it would be pretty hard to top the slick camerawork of R2K. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Then I happened to come across this beauty, Into The Night,  which was created by Barcelona based photographer/cinematographer, Jordi de Temple and explores both, Barcelona and California. Jordi throws in some  low lying clouds, a little milky way action, sweet motion blurs, some fun tilt shift scenes, multiple holy grails for good measure, and some profoundly gorgeous and cinematic wipe transitions. Even the musical arrangement was spot on.

I know I said I was trying to avoid relapsing back into a timelapse hole, but…Wow. I would have felt guilty had I not shared this one with you all. Enjoy!
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This Beautiful Hyper Lapse Of Barcelona Is Pure City Love (And 24,000 Photographs)

This Beautiful Hyper Lapse Of Barcelona Is Pure City Love (And 24,000 Photographs)

Photographer Alexandr Kravtsov did one amazing job capturing the beauty of Barcelona. But not without blood sweat and a broken camera.

We have talked Hyper lapses before, but this video really takes it to the extreme making Barcelona look nothing but amazing.

The movie was made in three months in late 2013 and only used a Canon 7D and three lenses: Tokina 11-16, EF 24-105 4L, EF 70-200 2.8L.

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