Sony: Canon Adopted Lenses AF Speed On Canon DSLRs And A7RII Is A Close Match


It seems that Sony is going after Canon shooters and are trying to make an enticing offer that will allow Canonistas to keep their lens collection while moving to a A7R II system.

In a recent (somewhat promotional) interview between (Sony Artisan) Thibault Roland and a top engineer from the recently announced A7R II crew, the engineer claimed that with a full firmware upgrade and a good lens adapter like the Metabones Mark IV, Sony’s are a tight match for AF speed vs Canon DSLRs:

We were confirmed that AF of Canon lenses was “much faster than before. With adapters (and in particular with a firmware updated Metabones mark IV) Canon lenses are almost as fast as on a Canon body”

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Back Button Focusing May Be The Best Thing That Happen To Your Shooting Process. Ever.

Many photographers, me included, focus by half pressing on shutter release. Then we re-compose. Then we complete the press.

AF-ON And Back Button May Be The Best Thing That Happen To Your Shooting Process. Ever.

Photographer Steve Perry shares a great improvement to your workflow by decoupling the autofocus button from the shutter release, and relocating it to button on the back of the camera.

This decoupling allows for several great benefits: [Read more…]