Watch This LED Panel Being Thrown, Punched, Ran Over And Continue To Work


I am not completely sure how to tag this video, but I am sure that it show at least one specific benefit of LED lights over any other type of light: Durability.

Filmmaker Nitsan Simantov took an Amaran AL-H160 for a spin and while the review does not cover CRI,  color temperature or brightness, it does prove one thing and proves it very well. The AL-160 is one tough light.

What starts as an innocent light stand drop, evolves into using the LED as a punch bag, oar, golf ball and Frisbee – the light survived them all, albeit the batteries do fall off on impact every now and then.

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Aputure Amaran AL-528x LED Lighting System: First Impressions

A short while ago I got three of Aputure’s Amaran LED panels. While there is a full review coming, I wanted to share my first impressions.

Aputure Amaran AL-528 LED Lighting System: First Impressions

The Amaran LED AL-528x system is a low budget LED lighting system. The name hints on the fact that each AL-528 body consists of 528 LEDs. There are three members in the family, each with slightly different main features. I am going to quickly go over the three types and then share my first impressions. The lights sell for about $180 on Amazon which makes them a good entry level lights. [Read more…]