CV Dazzle Is A Makeup System That Kills Face Detection

The world we are living in is slowly turning into one huge surveillance camera with Apple, Google, Amazon and the NSA collecting every bit of info they can about our lives.

CV Dazzle Is A Makeup System That Kills Face Detection

Aside from the information we are giving away for “free” they can collect info from street cams, ATM cams and any other cam that they can have access to. Of course, a key factor in that footage collection is the possibility to detect and tag faces and match them with other information about a person.

This is where Adam Harvey steps into the scene. As a long time privacy protector (and the new owner of Privacy Gift Shop, Harvey designed a set of makeup patterns designed to kill any face detection thrown at whomever is wearing it. Is it worth the weird looks you’d get on the street? Depends on how much you have to hide. [Read more…]

Weird T-Shirt Line Aims At Disrupting Facebook’s Auto Tagging

Weird T-Shirt Line Aims At Disrupting Facebook's Auto Tagging

Facebook wants to know all about you. Aside from using your statuses, tags and like Facebook is also using visual data found in pictures uploaded to the network to better map your relations, locations and patterns. They do this by recognizing your face and tagging them with your Facebook user name.

While not all that data is public, Facebook did not spend $55,000,000 to have a face recognition software sitting on a shelf. You can of course choose if you want to enable autotagging being public for yourself, but whatever your privacy choices are, there is a good chance that Facebook may know more about you than you think.

Amsterdam based designer Simone C. Niquille created a line of T-shirts designed at disrupting Facebook’s autotagging. The shirts, while hideous as a fashion statement, work by adding more faces to each picture. Each T-shirt from the Facial Recognition Dazzle line features multiple portraits of a known celebrity – Michael Jackson, Britney, Obama and Britt & Laura. [Read more…]

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Glasses

It is one thing to have your photo taken in public. It is a whole different thing to have multiple photos of you taken in public, tagged and stored in a way that enables search. Think facebook image tagging crossed with images streaming from ATM machines, street cameras and security cams. Sounds scary right?

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Glasses

According to Professor Isao Echizen from Tokyo’s National Institute of Informatics there are ways to avoid constant tagging of your face. One such way is to constantly tilt your head. Another less pain inducing option is to use a pair of glasses designed by Prof. Echizen specially designed to disable face recognition. [Read more…]

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Systems

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Systems

About two ago Times broke with a piece about how Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has an anti-paparazzi system built on his new Yacht. This triggered a bunch of follow up posts from technology and photography blogs covering the story.

The system is described to work by detecting the CCD of an camera using lasers and shinning a bright beam of light onto the CCD rendering any image burned.

Many of the commentators were skeptic about whether or not a system like this can really exist, so we decided to take a tour to the realm of anti photography systems. Click any of the images for more info.

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