Photographer Gets Wild Chipmunks to Play Star Wars


Photographing pets can be challenging, and photographing wildlife from a distance can be a tedious and time-consuming process.  But, what happens when you want a wild animal to play Star Wars with your action figure collection?  Photographer and Lego master Chris McVeigh was determined to show us.

Armed with a camera, action figures, and a whole lot of nuts (we’re assuming it took balls, too), Chris forged a kinship with a harmonious collective of chipmunks living in his parent’s backyard.  Taking advantage of their depressed socioeconomic status, he was able to lure them into being performers in his own take on the classic saga…without having to composite any images.

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Photographing Lions From 4 Meters Distance


To me, black and white photography is one of the most mesmerizing art forms ever created and has the ability to draw a viewer into a scene like few others.  Swedish photographer Pekka Järventaus capitalizes on its detailed nuances in “Prowling with Lions,” an ongoing photography project focused solely around the lions of Africa.  Unlike some photographers who are content with simply snapping a good image of a captive lion, Pekka searches for truly wild animals roaming freely on the savanna, getting up close and personal with some of the most fearsome beasts on the planet.

Here, along with his stunning photography, Pekka provides insight into his process, the gear he uses, and the driving force behind his work, along with some very simple yet poignant advice for aspiring photographers.

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This Time Lapse Of Hatching Bees Will Give You Nightmares


We all have this primal fear of bees. And while bees are generally a peaceful bunch, something about the buzz, furry appearance and the notion of a sting just hammers my head when I see one.

If that was not enough to keep one sleepless photographer Anand Varma did a 78 seconds time lapse video showing how a bee transforms from egg to larva to adult. The kinda of stuff nightmares are made of.

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Humorous Photos Of Dogs In Timeout Wearing The Dreaded Collar Of Shame


Dogs can be very expressive when it comes to displaying what they’re really feeling. Just ask anyone who has spent any time around an under the weather pup who has had the inconvenience of wearing an Elizabethan collar–also frequently referred to as one of those ridiculous looking plastic cones designed to keep your pet from licking it’s wounds or scratching it’s ears. Judging by the looks on some of these poor dog’s faces, they probably feel every bit every bit as embarrassed and peeved about having to wear one as we think they would.

In Timeout, the latest photo series from Ty Foster, the talented animal photographer looks to give these dogs an audience–letting us humans know exactly how much the “cone of shame” has become the bane of existence to canines everywhere. Some win our hearts with a sad, pathetic, or downright goofy look, while other dogs come at you with a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding me kind of expression. And, much to the dismay of the all subject’s, it’s hard not be entertained by their misfortune… [Read more…]

A Photoshoot In Russia. In The Snow. With A 650kg Grizzly Bear


Photographer Olga Barantseva recently created a series of photographs with two beautiful models. But this is where the story stops being normal.

The companion for this photoshoot was a 650kg brown grizzly bear named Stephen.

You need some balls to pose next to such a dangerous animal, even if it is 100% tamed. A friendly “high five” from one of those paws will leave you massively bleeding.

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Chimpanzee Uses Found Branch To Knock A Camera Drone Out Of The Sky

Chimpanzees are one of the cleverest animals in existence, it is not for nothing that they are called our relatives. (Then again, octopi are quite clever too) They are considered one of the first animals to use tools. The Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands just reinforced that about them as one of the Chimpanzees in the zoo used a stick to knock a camera drone out of the sky.

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Transcendent Photos Of Two Siberian Huskies Playing On A Frozen Lake

Let these sublime photos, taken by Fox Grom, serve as a testament as to why we should all get out and shoot during blue hour more often. Residing in Kirovsk (Murmansk Oblast, Russia), Grom took his Siberian Huskies out to a nearby lake. Though still safely frozen solid, the lake melted down marginally to produce a thin layer of water that blanketed the icy surface–just enough to give the appearance the dogs were walking on water.

Moreover, the soothing azure tones  of the sky blend perfectly into the cold, blue lake and layer of fog that rests atop the surface. Consequently, the photos have an almost ethereal appearance. The dogs seem to be slightly curious about their new playground, but are clearly in their element as they frolic and play together on the frozen horizon. [Read more…]

Discover The Beauty Of Hairless Cats In This Striking Portrait Collection Of Sphynxes

For Alicia Rius, photographing animals comes naturally. Her portfolio is brimming with gorgeous fine art photos, in which you’ll find an assortment of four-legged subjects ranging from horses to hairless cats. Rius was born in a small town in northeast Catalonia. She would earn a bachelor’s in Advertising and a master’s in International Marketing, before eventually taking a job as a project manager for an ad agency in Amsterdam. Not that the work at the ad agency was dull, but it left Rius wanting something more. [Read more…]

Kangaroo:1 – Drone:0 (Or Why You Want To Keep Your Kangaroo Distance)

Over the years we’ve seen quite a bit of people being extremely unsatisfied with being photographed by drones. Turns out that the animal realm is no different. But what may end up with some yelling at the human kingdom, can cost you a drone over at Australia.

A videographer over at Hunter Valley, Australia found this out the hard way. The videographer was shooting Red Roo Kangaroos (yes, the ones you think about when thinking about jumping and boxing). Apparently, the big animal was not too happy with the noise and gave the drone a big blow and knocked it out of the sky, as they say.

Let this be a cautionary take to every drone operator to be aware of how being annoying can cost you a drone.