Disappointing, But Expected: $200 Sony a7R Orders Will Not Be Fulfilled

Sony_a7R_200Sony’s online store probably received a record-breaking amount of visits yesterday after word broke out that several cameras and lenses were listed for as low as $200.

Expecting the orders to be cancelled, many people placed them anyway in hope that the company will honor the listed prices and absorb the price difference.

In a rare incident were a camera company actually met its customers’ expectations, Sony has started cancelling orders.

It seems like PayPal orders have not been cancelled so far.

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Thought You Can Use Amazon’s Unlimited Storage Plan for Your Business? Think Again


Amazon announced a couple of new Cloud Drive storage plans yesterday, with one of them offering unlimited storage space for photos priced at just $12 a year.

Considering that other cloud services charge up to eight times more for just 1TB, Amazon’s plan seems like it could become a hit among photographers.

On the other hand, a keen reader called Bob pointed out an interesting section in the Terms of Use that might keep photographers away.

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Handy Website Lets You Check Amazon Prices Around The World For Better Deals On Photo Gear


Okay, you technically can search for the price of any Amazon product, not just photo gear. So, should you feel compelled to see if you can find better price on toilet paper by having it shipped to you from a foreign country, I suppose you are free to do so, but we’re just going to stick to the fun stuff for now, you know, like cameras and lenses.

I noticed a post on Facebook recently by a UK based photographer who was able to save £75 on a Sony A6000. Had he purchased the camera from Amazon.co.uk it would have cost him £449. After he did a little investigating, he discovered he could purchase the same camera for £374 by ordering it from Amazon.de and taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping. Depending on what product you’re looking at and where you are located in the world, you could find savings well into the hundred’s of dollars using the same method of researching all of the different Amazon sites.

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Lightroom 6 Will Be Released on March 20 According to an Amazon Japan Leak


The most recent leak indicates that the latest version of the popular photo processing and organizing software will be available in just ten days time.

While the leak does seem authentic, it is not necessarily the final release date.

A previous leak from Amazon UK and FNAC, a large retail chain in France, indicated that the software would be released on March 9th.

There has been some concern as to whether or not Lightroom will continue to be offered under a perpetual license or if it will become subscription-based only, but a leak from Amazon UK reveals that the new version will be offered as a “DVD Set”.

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Nikon D750 Pulled From Amazon and US/UK Stores. Under Silent Recall.

Just five days ago Nikon announced that it will repair D750 cameras that are affected by the flaring issue at no cost, giving their customers peace of mind.

As of 12 hours ago, give or take, Amazon have stopped selling Nikon’s newest full frame DSLR, and suspended existing orders.

Is Nikon hiding the severity of the problem or are Amazon afraid of getting caught up in a lawsuit?

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Amazon’s New Patent: Why We Should Probably Chill Out


There’s been news circulating around of a new patent Amazon’s recently secured itself with, and it sounds a bit ridiculous when you take a look at the headlines coming out. For those who don’t know, Amazon basically patented a type of photography where one light is shining straight at the subject, along with light completely filling the background; in other words, seamless white background photography.

The patent was granted back in March, but news of this made the rounds just yesterday, angering many voices in the online photography community. The good news, however, is that there might not be that much cause for concern in the first place.

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