Nine of the Common Species of Amateur Photographers You Can Spot in the Wild


You know them, you’ve encountered them, you might even be one of them and now you can finally learn about more about them.

In a 5-minute long Nat Geo-style documentary parody, the team at DigitalRev TV present nine of the common species of amateur photographer you can spot in the wild.

The species include the Streetus Togus, easily found in the urban jungle, and the extremely territorial and annoying Photographus Bombus.

Watch the humorous video to also learn about the Gear Whore-us, the Instagramanus and other widespread species.

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“Dear New Photographers” – Why Internet trolls don’t really matter

dear-new-photographerThe Interwebs are rife with mocking and ridicule, from armchair pundits spouting their views on politics to religious nut-jobs attempting to bludgeon the public into belief conformity. Heaven knows I’ve done my fair share of it (which typically coincides with a depleted supply of Midol).

But, there’s one specific demographic that I frequently see getting beat on, and it’s really beginning to irritate me. Why only one in particular when there are so many options from which to choose? Because…I can’t really tune it out due to my own career choices. I can tend to be a pretty apathetic guy about most things, but it’s when I become annoyed that I start to speak out.

Those of you new to the photography world, whether you joined as a hobby or are a career-minded individual, are under attack. A lot. From Top 10 lists mocking your approach to “experts” shouting about how you’re ruining the pristine world of photography to individual trolls attacking you on a personal level, you take flack from all sides. Heck…you get shot at with friendly fire before you even step foot in the recruiting office!

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Why You Should Be Happy With Your Photos Even If You Think They Suck

why you should
We are our own worst critics. This much we know. The problem is, photography is one of those things where we have to be self critics to get better. Finding that delicate balance between beating ourselves up and being too easy on ourselves is a problem we have all struggled with in one way or another. But, as Mike Browne explains in the video below, we’re probably making it more difficult than it needs to be. Listen as the award winning photographer and educator dishes out his synopsis on why hating the photos you take is preventing you from getting better and what you can you do to fix it. [Read more…]

Pros Vs. Joes – The Difference Between Amateur and Professional Photographers

There has been a lot of talk recently about what the difference is between amateur and professional photographers.

Comments by industry big shots, such as Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer who proclaim that there “is no such thing really as professional photographers” (well maybe not pro cat/flower/sunset photographers posting to Flickr anyway).

Or, when venerable institutions such as the Chicago Sun Times decide to lay off their entire photography staff – you do start to wonder – what exactly is the difference between amateur and professional photographers?

Professional Wedding Photographer

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