Photographer Hopes To Draw Attention To Global Warming With Magnificent Polar Photos

Running to See, Ross Sea, Antarctica 2006

What started as a journey to capture the icebergs and splendor of the Arctic and Antarctica has become a photographer’s attempt to battle climate change with her photos.

Camille Seaman spent a decade photographing icebergs and wildlife in some of the harshest environments on Earth until she decided to stop her polar trips in 2011, as there was almost no ice left.

“There was nothing on the radar for ice,” said the San Francisco bases photographer, adding that they could have continued sailing to the North Pole had they had enough fuel.

“I can’t say making a photo is very important. In fact I feel sad it’s all I can do. But that’s what I can do so that’s what I’m gonna do”.

While the evidence that humans are responsible for the global climate change is overwhelming, even non-believers will enjoy Seaman’s fascinating photos.

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Awesome Timelapse of North America Made With A Custom 3D Printed Dolly (And How You Can Print Your Own)


After 12 months of hiking through California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska the team behind Upthink Lab have released a five minute long timelapse of their adventures that features some pretty impressive moments. Wanderment is meant to create a juxtaposition between the different landscapes of North America, a purpose the filmmakers pushed further by switching between color and black and white footage throughout the clip (all of which is in 4k).

You’ll be treated to an array of vivid landscapes in addition to some really cool macro slow motion of growing mushrooms, which is reason enough to watch the timelapse. There’s also an interesting transition at about 1:52 where the camera makes a fluid transition from underwater to above the surface. The shot was captured with a Canon T3i (with Magic Lantern) in an underwater housing mounted on a custom motion control dolly. [Read more…]

Photographer Captures Firebird Looking Aurora At Alaska


When we feature Hawaiian photographer CJ Kale it is usually when he is under (or) over a wave at sunny Hawaii. Even when shooting hot lava he is wearing a swimsuit and in the water. In a 180 degrees change of scenery, CJ traveled to Alaska to document the Aurora Peak which accrued in 2013. The next peak is going to be at around 2022, a good 8 years from now.

Going out of his comfort zone, CJ captured the most wonderful northern aurora photos including one that amazingly resembles a Phoenix rising from Ashes.

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