How to Create Fringe-Like Titles In Your Videos


One of the things that got me right away with Fringe is the fact that I am an uber-geek are the titles they put to note locations. Rather than doing those boring lower thirds, or the typewriter thing that note a new location, Fringe always had those hovering titles that looked like they were hovering over buildings in the perfect perspective and moved right along with the camera. Videographer and Editor Basti Hansen takes us through a step by step tutorial of creating a Fringe-like hovering title.

It is a rather lengthy tutorial but it covers everything you need to know.

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If You Have No Idea What Coloring And Grading Are, This Is A Great Intro

Grading and Coloring are part of the creative workflow that any piece of video goes through (or at least any fully produced piece of video). It controls the overall ‘feel’ of the movie. When I started doing movies in addition to stills this is one of the things that got me on the first few times. It is a very similar concept to using curves, hue/saturation and other tonal and contrast tools on a photograph.

Colorist Rob Bessette of Finish Post gives a great introduction into coloring a video (hosted by Rule Boston Camera). It covers everything from what coloring actually is, through basic principles, setting a monitor up and ends up with a spectacular demo of coloring a commercial. If you are unfamiliar with coloring, you would be surprised at how different a movie looks once a colorist is done with it.  [Read more…]

Dreamworks Dad Turns His Son’s Life Into A series of Epic Action Flicks

Some of us (me included) go to the movies when we want a piece of incredible reality poured upon us. But if your dad is a Dreamworks Animator, your every dream (and mom’s nightmare) can come to life.

In an epic series of 10-15 seconds youtube flicks, Dreamworks animator (and father) Daniel Hashimoto turns his son, James, into an action hero of the most dangerous kind. A channel called Action Movie Kid is dedicated to changing his sons everyday activities into thrilling adventures, including a Laser LEGO gun, a real light saber, a grappling gun that sticks ya to the ceiling and a bunch of other fun (yet scary) activities. [Read more…]

How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Wobble And Love The Warp Stabilizer

How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Wobble And Love The Warp Stabilizer

It’s uber-awkward being in high school.

In 9th grade, I was a music kid and played in everything from pit orchestra to pep band.

High school marching band armed me with one mantra: heal toe, heal toe, heal toe, heal toe, roll your foot.

This mantra is basically a set of instructions to the “roll step”, which was paramount to marching band. It was our band director’s hope that we, as a bunch of awkward saxophone- and tuba-wielding 13 year-olds—in a costume that looked something like a bad rendition of the British uniform from the War of 1812 with a 3-foot tall faux-fur white hat (oh, I hope all pictures have been destroyed)—would glide past the audience come parade time.

This we did not do. More like we bobbled, uncomfortably.

But the “roll step” saying stuck with me, and to this day it works as a rule of thumb any time I’m walking with a camera, even with a MoVi. Yet, with it running constantly through my head, uneven terrain and any number of small obstacles can make good form and the right camera tool not quite enough.

For example, when trekking through the forest. [Read more…]