DJI Announces the Phantom Vision 2+, the Latest Addition to Their Drone Line

Phantom Vision 2+

If you don’t know about devices like the DJI Phantom, then keep reading, because you may find yourself seriously considering investing in one afterwards.

DJI Phantom quadcopters are drones that take videos and photos from up in the air, like any basic helicopter shot you’ll see in movies. They’re effective, durable, and stay where they need to stay even if the wind is against them. And now the company is announcing their newest addition to the line: the Phantom Vision 2+.

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Watch This Helicopter Struggles With Winds For Photos Of French Beaches Smashed By Waves

French photographer Philip Plisson shows the crazy conditions photographers sometimes have to battle to get a photograph of a storms.

This 5 minutes clip shows Philip going up in a helicopter to document the extreme weather conditions that hit French shores on February 13th.

The shoot was done by a team of three: Philip, an assistant and the pilot. And while the assistant and pilot are harbored inside the helicopter, Philip has both himself and his camera gear strapped to the open door for taking photos.

If you are curious about the photos you can watch the gallery (or order a print) here.

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