Panasonic’s New 3D Photo Lab Uses 120 Lumix GH4’s; Creates 3D Printed Figurines Of You


On July 17th, Panasonic opened the doors to it’s new 3D Photo Lab, which utilizes 120 GH4 cameras. Located in the Panasonic Center Osaka, if you live in or are planning a visit to Japan you may want to head over to the 3D Lab’s website and book yourself a reservation to partake in the experience. For 55,000 yen ($443USD), you can step inside of the photo lab and have your photo taken. Panasonic then uses your photo to model a one of kind 3D figurine after, which they 3D print and deliver to you three weeks after your photo session.  [Read more…]

How To Build A Swiss Army Knife Style Slide / Memory Cards Holder


If you use the Light Blaster Projection system, there is a good chance you’ve amassed quite a bit of slides. I’ve seen people hack a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket by removing the middle stitches that separate each compartment, but why settle for fabric when you can print a nifty Swiss army knife style.

This file from thingiverse is made to hold several slides in a sweet-looking wallet that kinda resembles a Swiss-army knife.

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How To Build A Raspberry PI Action Cam


You know how action camera like the GoPro or Yi Camera are never quite what you wanted? Connor Yamada experimented with a GoPro but wanted to build a camera that would be a tight fit for his needs –  a cheaper, open-source, and biking-centric action camera. (And to also have Long battery life; Wireless communication and a Simple, durable enclosure)

While the project is not completely off the shelf one, Connor made sure that anybody with access to a 3D printer and soldering iron, can build this project.

The camera is based on the Raspberry Pi Model A+ connected to a 5MP PI Camera and gets wireless access via an Edimax nano adapter. For power Connor added a small 2000mAh battery and a Lipo Charger board.

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3D Printed Images Offer The Blind An Opportunity To Experience Photography


The Touchable Memories project, which is being spearheaded by 3D printer manufacturer, Pirate 3D, is bringing photography into the lives of individuals who have either lost their eyesight or were born blind. Using the Buccaneer 3D printer, Pirate 3D are able to print dimensional photographs from the participants past, giving them a tangible way to revisit their memories.

You can watch a heartwarming video on the project (below) to witness the first time the participants were able to experience a 3D printed photograph, including the story of one man who was once again able to work as a director of photography on a film for the first time since losing his eyesight over eight years ago. [Read more…]

How to Convert Lenses to Tilt Shift Macro Lenses With 3D Printing


At about $1500 real tilt-shift lenses are not cheap. (Long time readers will appreciate the correct spelling :). Instructable user Cpt.Insano created a 3D printed adapter that converts practically and Nikon lens into a tilt shift lens. Sadly, getting the lens further from its flange distance means that the lens will only operate in Macro mode, but I would assume that getting a Nikon lens onto a Canon body may work as Nikon has  longer focal flange distance than Canon.

Anyhow, this is a really simple build, and all you have to do is grab the parts from the instructable, print them away and click them together. [Read more…]

The Wonderful World Of 3D Printing For Photographers and Videographers – A Primer


Photographers and Videographers are a creative group of people. We use our creativity to make beautiful images and sometimes extend that creativity into creating the tools to capture those images. This website is a testament to that creativity.

The future is now. One of the most powerful tools that is now accessible to the DIY photographer is 3D printing. If you can imagine it, you can make it real.   I recently started dabbling in 3D printing and wanted to share some things I learned that might make your journey into 3D printing a little smoother. [Read more…]

3 ways Of Using 35mm Film in 120 Bodies

35-120-usage-06with the slow decay of film it is getting harder and harder to find film to use on old (or new) cameras that use 120 film. Even you do find 120 film (hint Amazon, eBay) it is not trivial to develop (not to mention expensive). But what if you have a Diana or a treasured Mamiya that you want to use? You can still use them with 35mm film if you can manage to load the film into the spool in a way that you can wind it after each shot.

The photos you take will not be restricted to the 35mm frame that you are accustomed to, but go all over the sprockets. It’s a pretty cool effect if you ask me.

Here are three ways with ranging budgets, innovation levels and description to use 35mm film on 120 cameras: [Read more…]

Build a 3D Printed, Ultralight, 3-axis Modular Time-Lapse Motion Control System


If you are looking into a well built Time lapse motion controller, you may have noticed how expensive these things are. An eMotimo TB3 for example (review | buy) will set you back about a grand and a Syrp Genie is not far behind (unboxing | buy). And none will provide full 3 axis motion control. So of course a possible solution would be to build a time lapse motion controller yourself. It is not an easy task, and gladly, Doug Urquhart over at Instructables is giving a pretty comprehensive tutorial.

Doug used his build to create such stunning works as the eye of the beholder below [Read more…]

Crazy Small-Planet Video composed with 6 GoPro Cameras

About two years ago the web was sweat with the latest panoramic trend – small planet panoramas (AKA spherical panorama). It was only a matter of time until someone got the clevers to elevate this into the next stage: Small Planet Time Lapse Video.

Photographer Jonas Ginter used a 3d printed a 3d device that allows him to capture photos from 6 different GoPros simultaneously and then combined the footage in post to create a movie of the same effect: [Read more…]

The Lux Is A Beautiful Waist Level 120 Camera, You Can Build It Too

Lux is a work of beauty. This velvet looking camera is a has a waist level viewfinder and it shoots 120 film. Made by Kevin Kadooka it is 100% open source with everything up for improvement and modification, from the 3D printed body, to the electronic shutter (powered by Arduino) ending with the brilliant view finder.

You may recall Kevin from his wonderful Duo TLR which ended up as a successful Kickstarter project.

The Lux Is A Beautiful Waist Level 120 Camera, You Can Build It Too

This time he is making a fully open-sourced camera and no need for backing to get one. You can build your own with the electronics and 3d files openly available.

The camera itself is beautiful black with a brilliant viewfinder and a sexy shutter button (that can glow in red light) [Read more…]