SyLights Goes Mobile And SLR Allows You To “Pre Check” Your Lighting

SyLights Goes Mobile And SLR Allows You To Pre Check Your LightingLooks like the Strobist community is taking over the iPhone apps stores.

Two new members to that community – the new Studio Rig Locator and an iPhone port of SyLights.

SLR – Studio Rig Locator is an app that not only allows you to position lighting elements in the studio, but also allows a somewhat weird preview on the newly lit model. (this app is a paid app £3.49)

The other new iPhone App is a SyLights port to the iPhone. And really, I like the mobile version even more that I like the SyLights site (which is not that shabby at all). SyLights allows to create store and manipulate diagrams with loads and loads of studio equipment. Then those can be saved to your camera roll (iPhone’s lingo for image directory). Best of all it is a free application.

both apps has intro videos after the jump.

Those two new apps join the nice collection of lighting diagram apps:

If you know any other lighting diagram tools or if you want to share your thoughts on the already mentioned ones, hit us in the comments.