Super Velcro A Pocket Wizard To Your Strobe

A while back David Hobby had a post about fitting a monoblock with a cold shoe. I thought it was a pretty clever hack for mounting a pocket wizard on your strobe. It provided for a firmer, nicer strobe-to-pw attachment than the dangling lanyard mount that I use. Plus you got the bonus of better radio perception with the antenna being 100% upright.

Super Velcro A Pocket Wizard To Your Strobe

Like any other idea, once it went into the word, someone found a way to make it better. Matthew Monroe used a 3M dual lock (AKA mushroom lock) which allows you to “glue” the cold shoe to the monoblock. This stuff is pretty strong, see at about 2:11 how Matthew pulls the AB with the cold shoe)

While I don’t think one would actually want to remove the cold shoe from a mono block, I think this approach solves David’s concern about hot shoe flashes.

The problem with those is that that little bit of extra volume that cold show takes on the strobe can be really annoying if you are packed tight. If you are using the mushroom lock, you can take the cold shoe off the strobe when you travel.

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