Super Immersive Time Lapse Of Shanghai (And Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur)

I guess Rob Whitworth’s work can fall under the definition of time lapse photography, though even if you beat the living heck out of me, I would not know how some of it was done.

Photographer Rob Whitworth and city explorer JT Singh takes an immersive approach into time-lapsing the city with god-like camera moves that seems impossible to achieve. The result is breath taking.

Super Impressive Time Lapse Of Shanghai (And Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur)

Below is Rob’s last movie This is Shanghai followed by two of his earlier one’s Kuala Lumpur DAY-NIGHT and Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam. Sit back, go full screen and turn up the volume before hitting the jump.

While making of those movies is a lot of work, Rob does not completely exclude it from being fun. This is how Rob describes they location scouting:

“To understand the city, the team carried out rigorous urban exploration. In the words of JT “we walked, walked and walked, the Jane Jacobs way”. Weibo, China’s main social media platform was used to ask local Shanghainese people to share ideas of different vantage points and what they thought were the over-riding characteristics of the city. Stealth and curiosity were required to find and gain access to rooftops and locations. It became addictive for the team discovering breath-taking vantage points of the city. There was always an adrenaline rush upon reaching the top of a different building to see the vast urban jungle of Shanghai.

[This is Shanghai via Colossal]

  • sweaty chocolate

    Amazing! What is the music from the Shanghai Video?

  • simon anderson

    That is one friggin awesome video.

  • jakecarvey

    The camera moves are cool – but clearly done in post. Great work.

  • Robert Eley

    Amazing work. I love these videos.
    I’m inspired to re look at my home of Toronto.
    I like that you asked everyday people about views, features and feelings, of these beautiful cities.
    You guys are really good!!!