Studio lighting – Homemade Softbox Ring For SB or Flash Speedlight

DIY flahs ringTim from Chicago was using translucent umbrellas to get diffusion out of his flash speedlights. This was his home grown studio. When he switched to softboxes, the cost of the flash adjustment ring drove him to… Build a cheap flash ring on his own (this studio lighting DIY is not for the faint of heart – it uses a vise and a sledge). When not building stuff Timothy Witkowski also shoot sports. Here is the deal:

I use my Nikon CLS sb800-sb600 in almost every venue that I shoot. I recently switched from translucent umbrellas to using them with a softbox. I bought a generic 36” softbox with a universal ring that I paid I think $25 for. I found a morris ring at b&h for about $60 + shipping which was nothing more then a standard ring and a l bracket. So I went to the garage to make my own.

Started with a 3/16” x 1” x 36” piece of flat steel. Measured the spacing across my softbox ring which came to 7 ¼”.

DIY softbox flash ring

Using a vise and a sledge I bent the first side to about 8” – then bent the opening needed for my ring – 7 ¼” – then cut the 3rd leg to match the first end ( 8” ).

DIY softbox flash ring 02

Then I drilled 2 holes to mount ring to bracket and placed speedlight in it to get an idea of mounting hole location for flash.

softbox flash ring 03

Then I drilled 3 holes (1 to mount sb800 to ring) and 2 holes to mount ring to light stand and standard 5/8 stud.

I also tapped the 2 holes 1/4 and 3/8 for either size.

flash ring sotbox 04

Finally I hung it from a tree and gave it 2 coats of a black gloss krylon paint job. For the finished product I purchased a 1/4 inch knob bolt for looks to mount sb800 to ring.

The softbox itself swivels both vertical and horizontal.

Notice I mounted this to a swivel light stand adapter to give me unlimited angles. I Must say the photos do not do it justice. It looks factory made and even possibly patentable….

Here’s a few photos for the those giving a crack at it on your own. Thanks to all those that have helped me with ideas from the site. Good luck all…Tim (chicago d2x)

homemade sotbox ring 06

homemade sotbox ring 07

homemade sotbox ring 08 softbox_ring

homemade sotbox ring 09

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