Studio Lighting – Snooted Flood Light

diy_snooted_lightReader Michael Lim (zac08) came up with a cool snooted flood light. It combines the concept of a home made snoot with a clamp. The design is similar to a mixup of both, but uses a florescent light instead of a flash.

The bonus here that there is almost no assembly/DIY-ing required; it comes ready from the shop. As for hacking the right materials, the snoot used is a Lay’s Potato Chips pack. (Empty of course, lighting is tasty). Here is what Zac has to say;

The lamp holder is a simple piece of hardware, only a clamp which is attached to the bulb holder by means of a swivel and pivot arm. You can use the lamp directly as it is, but I wanted to do some more DIY to get a more concentrated beam of light, thus I added a snoot (made by a tube from Lay’s Potato Chips).

I cut off the oval portions of the tube and then gaffered the tube up for more protection. Also on one end, I cut vertical strips to allow it to tape down conically to fit over the holder. Once it was in place, I gaffered it up more and used quick lock strips for additional strength to hold the snoot in place.

Do note that there is a heating issue when you use higher wattage lamps, I am currently using 15W and 20W and I limit each usage to about 5 mins or so to prevent over-heating.