Studio Lighting – Great Way To Build a Ringlight

ringlight_on_tripodReader Bankara has followed up on the cheap ringlight article with another very affordable ringlight. Not as cheap as the one you can get from your LCD, but still way cheaper then the ones you get in stores. He has posted an instructable on how to build one of those monsters babies.

One of the cool features about this particular ring light is that it is collapsible. Yap! It folds in half. Simple math brings me to the conclusion that I’ll only have to defend its existence in my home half of the time. (The other spare half will go toward explaining the wife where her living room went).

The assembly is not very hard, and well worth the effort. And there is a cool tag line to remember how to connect the wires: “black gold, white lightning!”. As for safety, For Pete’s sake, don’t test the wiring by “touching each of them and seeing if I got shocked“. I assure you – your heart does not like high voltage. (Of course, if you are in the macro biz, you can use the same technique for a LED driven ringlight.


This is a good time to remind ya all of the DIYPhotography instructables group. A great Place to get some fun DIY projects for the weekend.

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    i thought i was the only one who made this! lol