Home Studio Photography: Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

Once photographers take the big step forward of moving their lighting off camera, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to them. Those possibilities can only be fully realized if you have the equipment you need to control your light. Unfortunately, photographic light equipment can be prohibitively expensive for the hobbyist. However, light is light, no matter how expensive your modifiers, and there are countless ways to get the same or nearly the same look as pro equipment, for a fraction of the cost.

Home Studio Photography: Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

Home Studio Photography compiles an invaluable collection of tutorials, quick tips and step by step instructions to building your own home studio on a shoestring budget. Not only is this book a goldmine for the starving student, the skills it teaches are valuable for any photographer who wants to spend their money wisely, or needs to modify the light when they haven’t got exactly the gear they need with them at the time.

23 Home Studio Projects For Every Modifier Imaginable

With 16 Full Tutorials, 5 Quick Tips, 3 Ghetto Setups and 3 Cheat Sheets, the book provides a stepping stone into the world of cheap, fun studio building and then studio shooting.

Projects Included:

  • The Easiest Softbox In The World
  • DIY Strip Light
  • The Best Softbox Ever
  • Continuous Light Softbox
  • Turkey Pan Beauty Dish
  • Foamboard Reflector
  • V Cards
  • PVC Diffusion Screen
  • The ‘Oh So Famous’ Cereal Snoot
  • Coroplast Gridspot
  • Black Straws Grid
  • PVC Light Stand
  • Pony Clamp Stand
  • Stick In A Can
  • Light Tent
  • Underlight With A Cardboard Box

Home Studio Photography TOC

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Home Studio Photography In A Nutshell:

  • Walks you through the relevant projects for building all the modifiers needed for a studio
  • Shows how to build cheap, yet fully functional versions of expensive lighting modifiers
  • Detailed step by step tutorials, with images and diagrams to illustrate the build process of each project
  • Quick Tips: Short and fun projects that require little craftsmanship

Home Studio Photography: pages

What People Are Saying

“… you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a spin — except the prices of store-bought gear”

“I wish I’d had this brand new downloadable PDF ebook from DIY photography – Home Studio Photography – it would have shown me how to get my home studio without breaking the bank (and giving me some great DIY projects to do)”
Digital Photography School

Expands and Compliments DIYP’s Lighting Section

Home Studio Photography is a brother read to the lighting section at DIYP. It contains some projects from the DIYP blog which have been revised and updated, along with 6 new projects never seen before.

Last but not least, Home Studio Photography features projects from guest contributors such as Nick Wheeler, David Turman, Rui M Leal, Matt Haines, Megan Abshire, Sandra Freeman and Alex Campagna.

Got Questions, We got Answers

Update: find the complete FAQ and a kicka-s movie of the book on an iPad here.

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We are pretty sure you are going to love this book. We are also sure it will help you kick-start your home studio. If you are unhappy with the book for whatever reason, let me know within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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