S@H – First Assignment Results

Photography Studio @ HomeStudio @ Home First assignment (Backdrops) is over with great success.

We had 36 submissions with great variance of ideas, and some great interpretation of the assignment mission: shoot something that makes you feel good. 

It was fun to watch how submissions added to create a portfolio of unique pictures and setups. It was also fun to see some of the innovation you had with using everyday objects as backdrops, and “achieving more with less” in terms of squeezing every bit of creativity from whatever equipment was around. So thanks for everyone for participating. Read on for the some thoughts and the winner.

It was not an easy decision to pick the top three photographs of the first assignment. The creativity and execution shown in the photographs was remarkable. First narrow down was very technical, any image that did not have the tech data needed (backdrop explanation/setup shot) went away.  I narrowed it down to best five and then had wify to help me pick the best three. On any other different day, with any other “guest judge” results could have been different, as many of the images were right on the spot. And now, the winners…

Honorable Mention 1

JessicaI loved this image from the first time I saw it. The model is beautifully captured, in what I can only call the mischief look.

High key works really well in this image to create a nice contrast to the side look. Backdrop is white cloth hand on a wire. Cannot be any simpler. Home Studio Shot for this one is right here.

Honorable Mention 2

SymmetryThis image is called symmetry and for a good reason. Composition is perfect, and if I did not know better, I’d say this was Photoshop trickery.

I love how the backdrop for this photo – not more than a big sheet of paper – acts double duty here. Once as the actual backdrop, and once as the white reflected off the water on the wok. Besides, rubber duckies are known for their ability to pose in home studio setups.


Viva Le Tour ~ 2With Tour de France at near end, this image takes big time.

A perfectly executed seamless white with a determined rider pose and great symmetrical bicycle image. Gotta love it. 

My respect for this image grew bigger when I learned that it was executed in a garage using a single light source: a Canon 430ex strobe set on max power. 

Using the wall as a white backdrop and the garage as a huge light tent, Scott Bourke pushed the strobe to its limits. Main light comes from under, giving some great rim light on the arms. Fill light comes from all around bounced from all the walls and ceiling.

Scott wins a deck of Strobist Trade Secret Cards and a NastyClamp.