The Story and Science Behind Color Film

Have you ever wondered how color film came to be? Interestingly the story involves math, chemistry, and a group if innovative, curious people, as well as smart businessmen.

The Story and Science Behind Color Film

The film below by our pals at filmmakeriq, have a great movie going over the history of color film starting with the “discovery of color” as a function of light by Isaac Newton.

The story goes on with Kinemacolor system a duo color capturing mechanism and travels all the way to modern days Technicolor and Eastmancolor.

If you’re just coming back from your long weekend, those 21 minutes will ease you into the workweek.

If you want to measure how attentive you are after the weekend, you can take the quiz 😉

[The History and Science of Color Film: From Isaac Newton to the Coen Brothers | filmmakeriq]

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