Steel Wool Light Painting Explained

Steel wool light painting is one of the most rewarding forms of light painting. It’s fun to make (anyone said playing with fire), easy to plan and results are spectacular.

I thought it would be fun to host Ben at the DIYP studio and do a walkthrough of a steel wool light painting shoot we did while he was visiting here.

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It only takes a few things to get a steel wool light painting session together: A metal whisk, some steel wool, a chain and a 9V battery.

It took Ben and me about 30 minutes of shopping from when we decided to head out till we had all we needed. Of course, we had the most important thing, a location, already in mind.

It has to be an isolated place, preferably with dump ground, as spark will fly, and you don’t want to set anything on fire. Bring a wet blanket and a fire extinguisher just in case.

In addition to a camera, you would only need a tripod and maybe a flash light.

More tips in the video, have fun and be safe!

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It’s our first video, so we are really interested in hearing what you think.

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    D5000 has it as well