Splashes From The Pool

I like to let the pool gather some weight and take a nice slow journey once a month. It gives me a great relax time and a great opportunity to get to know DIYP readers.

The pool currently holds 8277 great photos, and 4546 members. Thanks for everyone who shares their photos, and everyone who’s still holding on the "send to group" button, the pool is a great place to view images, comment, mingle with other photographers, and get critique.

Here are January picks.

Milk and cookies (Oana Mangiurea) Bond (Chris Nixon) Dr Octopus (jean--) Lomo filmwork 2009  1371 (StephenCotterellPhotography) My favourite candy since 2005 :) (pattn) Day 105/365 - The Punisher! (herobyday)
Splash (J3ni) Killerton Sky (plebism [Simon]) "Afraid to close my eyes, afraid to open them" (noxreallyxhonest) Julia - Messy (herobyday) Mallard Dance (Kirk Howard) Clarinet Detail (awoodbri)
mini mini mini (makahiki) Shooting Stars (stefvds) justin_carrie_e_001 (jhc123093) Julia - Cowgirl (herobyday) Smoke (Neil Wharton) Hello Morning #1 (idathue)
Ninie Ahmad the yoga instructor (©NAPIE) Spin Me! (Brian Auer) The best start under the sun. (Bald Monk) LE (117 of 37) (Robert James Photography) Anchor Steam (Bald Monk) It's been a hard days night (moyen format)
Hopping (aaronbrethorst) Nautilus in venetian light beams (StephenCotterellPhotography) BWflowers (YairH20) Flag (paggre) The Duel [PhotoChallenge 2009, Day 019] (Scott Coulter) Silhoutte (paggre)
lyon_janvier_2009_040 (thibaut.nazare) 1 (chris challoner) Day 86/365 - 15,000 Views (herobyday) They need your help!!! (Pinkabilly)

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