Spill Control Diffusion Screens

Difussion Screen 03The cardboard light tent is a constantly popular post here at DIYP, and no wonder it is one of the easiest ways for shoot a small product [note to self, make a really huge cardboard tent].

However, it is not the only way to create good small scale product setups. A while back David Hobby had a great derivative of that box which he titled the lunch box.

Photographer Steve Bennett uses a similar concept to create a table top sized diffusion screen with built in spill control.

It uses the top of a box as the frame and as with other projects uses a diffusing material to create a screen. (They use A4 paper, which is ok, however sketching paper gives the same diffusion while eating less light. Even baking paper will do in a pinch).

The cool thing about this specific project is that the box top provides automatic spill control for the flash. It keeps the light from getting around the screen and hitting the camera or the frame.

And in occasions where this was not enough, a paper was attached to the box side with a cloth peg. Smart.

Read the full tutorial here.