Spiderlite in Action

spiderlight_2435827940.jpgA while back I posted a great lighting project by Alex Campagna called the DIY Spiderlight.

The project successfully aimed at building the Wescott TD5 Lighting fixture (AKA Spiderlite).

Alex even threw in a DIY softbox to complete the design.

If you’ve wondered what’s so good about them spiderlites, Scott Kelby from Photoshop insider shares a great video that has all the good reasons to buy on (or better yet, to build one). See the video on the full article.

Among the good reasons to use a spiderlite are:
– Great daylight balanced light
– Light is nice and cold – no more sweaty models and dead looking food.
– It is portable.- And it is always on

See what Scott has to say and read the comments here.