Speed Links for 8-28-2008

speedlinksAfter getting back from one great Agile 2008
conference I had some time to get back to my grinding, head in the keyboard work kick back, relax and read some of the great content out there on the web.

I also remind you that there is about a week left to the grand finale’ of the Portrait Professional 8 Giveaway. There are some really great entries both on the black and white category and on the color category. There are also some great tips on taking portraits, and I’m looking forward to getting more of those tips submissions.

And speaking of great project’s Brian’s still running the 50$ camera project – a great way to experience film and get some cool prizes.

There is also one great video tip from Zeke this week – Didn’t you always want to carry some Gaffers tape in your photo backpack but was bummed about the size of the roll? Zeke has the answer

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