Speed Links for 6-6-2008

speedlinksIt’s been another great month here on DIYP and in my life in general. The At My Home contest is gaining momentum, if you did not submit until now, there is just a little over a week left. There was some great reading over the internet during this time. I’d love to share some of my favorite readings.

  • Introducing Your Little One to Photography
    As a parent it is a great joy to share photography hobby with family and with your kids in particular. Photodoto shares some great advice on helping your little one see the joy of photography
  • Nude Controversy
    Eric shared his motivation for shooting nude. An excellent post on nude photography and feminism
  • Digital Forensics: 5 Ways to Spot a Fake Photo
    Scientific American
    Did you ever get the photo of the guy standing on the twins with one of the jets behind him? In the days of Photoshop and other image manipulation software it is easy to fake a picture. Here are 5 ways to stop a fake.
  • 10 Travel Photography Quick Tips
    Boots n’ all
    We’ve all been there. The postcards look way better then our trip pictures. Here are 10 ways to mend this. Not enough? Zeke Kamm, the nice guy, has some more tips on How to Take Vacation Photos That Don’t Suck
  • Off-camera Flash Demo
    Bert Stephani
    Bert Stephani always has something good in store. Aside from shooting beautiful models, he gives great tips and videos. In this post he shoes great pictures taken with off camera flash. Also, make sure you don’t miss his latest video
  • Are photographers really a threat?
    The Guardian
    We are all aware if the latest trend to see photographers as terrorists. Bruce Schneier shares his view on the reason behind it. Bruce coins the movie-plot threat as term that describes the gear behind photographers. make sure you browse through the link in the beginning of the post. the amount of reported cases is staggering. This is exactly why you need to be aware of The Photographer’s Rights

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