Speed Links for 4-20-2008

speedlinksThe last month has been both busy and great for me. A year and a half long project came to a successful end at work, allowing me to continue with my team photography project.  I have also made my annual pilgrimage to B&H – the Mecca of photography and got some new gear. I will post my loot soon, along with some reviews of the items I bought. And to top chocolate with cream, the activity on the web has been great – now, more then ever, photographers are blogging about their projects, ideas and art. I feel privileged to share some of the reading I have done in the last month.

  • Up and Down, Forward and Back, Left and Right
    Earth Bound Light
    A nice overview describing the alternative we have when we don’t like the composition of a picture. As the title suggests, it involves moving in any direction. (Which reminds me how my papa used to say "we did not have zoom lenses, we have to walk if we wanted to re-frame" and "We did not have a school bus, we had to walk barefoot in 15 miles of snow to get to school").
  • Making a Pinhole Lens for (D)SLR Cameras
    Camera Hacker
    Ever felt bad for not being in the photography business when pinhole cameras were the fashion? Not to worry! This tutorial from Camera Hacker will show you how to create a pinhole camera from your Mega $$$$ DSLR.
  • Film Photography: 5 Things I Really Miss
    Pro Photo Life
    Speaking about old school, he is one post that is all nostalgia.  All the buttons and levers that we now no longer have are there.
  • The Three Properties of Light
    The three most basic properties of light are Quantity, Quality and Direction. L7 Photo covers those three basic properties with some examples.
  • Your Guide to Adobe Bridge: File Processing
    Epic Edits
    Brian is running a great series on Adobe Bridge (and Adobe Camera Raw in general). The recent addition explains the basics of files processing. (If you are into file organization, check the comments on this post with lots of ideas on how to name your files).
  • Subtractive Lighting: Creating Drama with Contrast
    Lighting Essentials
    Lighting tutorials are scarce and worth mentioning. This tutorial from Don covers Subtractive lighting – Don’s 2 cent 1000$ on handling reflections at the studio.
  • Tip: Using light stands outside
    Description Andy combines photography and camping to create the ultimate never-fly-away-lightstand. (and here is DIYP solution for the same problem)
  • 7 Signs That You Should be a Professional Photographer
    If you’ve got this tickle in your hands and you want to go pro. Benchmark against seven signs that will help you make the decision. It is interesting (as Ryan mentioned in the comments) that taking good pictures is not in the list.
  • Setting the Background in Stock Photography
    Leggnet Digital Capture
    Rich Legg shows the importance of having some theme setting objects in the background of a shot.
  • On Assignment: Par For the Course
    Description David Hobby is back doing on assignments posts, each a gem. Step into the mind of The Strobist to gain some small lighting ideas and setups.

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