Speed Links for 3-16-2008

speedlinksThis has been a great month for me. Although my dayjob is more demanding then ever, I was happy to discover a heaven of new sites, blogs and articles. All are great and just make me want to share.

This month was also great because a long challenge came to a successful end. Dave Ajax rose to the disposable ring flash challenge and built a Studio Grade Disposable Ring Flash.

And now, on with the links. I’m gonna post ten of then: is this to much? Not enough? Just right? Hit me in the comments for some feedback.

  • Back to the Future With Ken Cook
    Range Finder Magazine
    This article by Range Finder Mag has been around for a while. If you did not stumble it until now it is well worth the read. After some short "pessimistic predictions", Photographer Ken Cook dives into seven studio lighting example and diagrams. While each setup is short it gives a nice review of possible studio lighting options.
  • How To Create Photoshop Actions
    Epic Edits
    Are you using Photoshop to edit your pictures? Have you heard about the actions buzz but never took the time to check them out? Brian cam up with an entry level actions tutorial. (If you are using Lightroom, you may want to check this manual vs. lightroom vs. Photoshop actions comparison).
  • Double-Duty Light
    The Strobist give out some nice tips on posing a flash to do more then you bargained for. Then he calls an assignment out. As usual, Strobist readers rise to the challenge and five top pics are brought up for discussion.
  • Nikon D200 GPS
    Epic Blog
    Sometimes I just have to take my hat off for amazing DIY photography projects. This is just one of those times. Rick has posted the complete instruction on making a GPS plug-in to your Nikon 200. The good news – cost is really low. Keep watching the site as Rick is going to bring this solution to perfection.
  • Photographers Are Visual Liars
    John from photodoto stimulates the mind and provokes us photographers. Asking are we all lying?
  • Getting those portraits right, once and for all
    This is a good portrait guide if you are making your first steps in amateur portraiture. Some great do’s and don’ts that will definitely improve your snaportraits.
  • How to Make a DIY Camera Stand
    Another great photography DIY project. Have you ever needed to make a photograph that is truly parallel to your subject? Have you ever needed to do this with the subject lying down?
  • Shoot from the Hip
    Beyond Megapixels
    Lisa from Beyond Megapixels suggests a refreshing way of shooting. Bored from the regular angles on your pictures? Try shooting from the hip.
  • Balancing the Sun with flash – Crosslighting
    Make Light Real
    Great ideas setups and diagrams for shooting against the sun. Be prepared to get your heavy gear out.
  • Softbox
    Photographically Inclined
    I didn’t know how to call this. It is not a softbox. It is not a ringlight and it is not an umbrella. It is a combination of all three.

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