Speed Links for 2-23-2008

speedlinksAgain, a busy week for me here in the DIYP world. After budget approval from the boss, it looks like I am getting me a brand new Nikkor – the 85mm f/1.8. I would like to take a minute to thanks everyone for helping me come to a decision. Choosing money wasters is always hard (and fun).

But more good things came to me in the last weeks, things fun and worth sharing. If you want to keep track of my likings you can join my friends on Stumble Upon.

  • Building a Home Studio Part 3
    Kerry from L7 foto is engaged in a project that has vast implication on any dude that got the boss’s approval on turning the house garage into a home studio (and leaving the car outside to sunbath). This post is somewhere along the middle of his work. Check out the first two parts, and stay tuned for more.
  • Shooting Smoke Tutorial
    Gosnap Photography
    Ever since that great smoke photo buzz about a year ago everybody wanna take smoking shots. Shaun from Gonsap wrote a great tutorial about the setup and lighting he used for taking such smoked shots.
  • Dollar Store Gem: $1 Kick Light Stand!
    Shaun from the Clique is going DIY. in this post he is using the simplest tripod of them all – the one from the everything-in-1-dollar-store – to make a portable light stand
  • Why are white lenses … white ?
    Have you ever wondered why some of Cannon’s lenses are white? Antoine from ADIDAP is trying to cope with this interesting question. Inevitably he also tries to cope with the fact that thieves like bright whit lenses.
  • Road Rags for light control
    The f-Stops Here
    This has been around for a while, but still a great article. David Tejada is giving a review of the Matthews RoadRags Kit. All and all it looks like a great portable system. I bet there a DIY solution somewhere that can do just the same.
  • Get Your Photos Critiqued at Photoaxe.com!
    If you area an aspiring photographer in the start of the road, I suggest that you get as many critiques as you can. Trek earth, Trek lens, flickr and photo.net are just some of the places to post and get critiqued. If you like to go front and center, you can drop a note with an image to Lau from photoaxe. You’ll feature his weekly critique review.
  • Fine Art Photoblog
    Fine Art Photoblog
    Brian Auer, Neil Creek, Andrew Gibson, Andreas Manessinger, Cody Redmon, Joseph Szymanski and David Ziser created this great photoblog. This place for fine art photography lovers features pictures from all seven photographers. Being the fine photographers that they are, you in for a photo-treat.
  • Twilight Photography Tips
    Digital Photography School
    The Global Photographer A.K.A Matthew Monroe has assembled a great collection of twilight photography tips. The main tip is "Get a nice Cold Beer". Oh, yea he also tells you that the best time to shoot a just a bit after the sun has set.
  • The Light Cage
    The Light Cage is an ingenious application. It simulates a lighting cage (Yes – this is how your models feel when you shoot them) where all the "trivial" lighting positions hold a spot pointed at a model’s torso. As you shift from on spot to another, you can see the influence of this light on the model. This is a great tool if you are on the beginning of your journey as a portrait photographer and it really helps to understand lighting.
  • The Trashcanulator 2000
    Tacky Living
    The Trashcanulator 2000 is a great DIY hack to get a light tent kinda lighting. Using nothing but – um… – a trash can.

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