Speed Links for 12-20-2007

speedlinks It has been busy in the photography blogosphere – here is some stuff I found to be interesting.

  • 6 methods for perfectly focused self-portraits
    Great article about nailing them unfocused self portraits. Of course – once you are in focus, you have to make sure you’re having a good hair day.
  • The DIY Flexible Flash Arm
    The Global Photographer
    Some DIY competition – a great step by step tutorial on building a flexible flash holder arm thingy. Keep up the great work, Matt.
  • What Makes Good Composition?
    Annual Report Photographer
    every article by David is a reason to celebrate. In this series, David explains the ins and outs of the perfect composition. In this article – aiming the viewer toward your subject.
  • Pictures of the Year 2007
    Every year Reuters releases their Pictures of the Year. 2007 is no different. Reuters is releasing hundreds of thousands of pictures each year – every picture that made it into the list is a great moment catch, a unique lighting, a rare moment, a feeling to treasure.
  • Photoshop case study: from picture to Christmas card the final
    All Day I Dream About Photography
    A three step tutorial on converting everyday image into a Christmas card fiesta.

This is one video that left me shocked. A camera that captures you when you smile. The next thing to invent is a camera that takes your picture when they tell you won the lottery. (I think I have one like this no my desk – didn’t fail me yet).

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