Speed Links for 11-21-2008

speedlinksThis last month has been a stressed and wonderful month for me. I am starting to build a house. This is cool for two reasons. The first, I’ll have access to some great industrial / construction / raw locations. 

The second reason why it is so cool is that I’ll get to build a studio in the basement. Yes – after forfeiting my rights to have any say about decorations, room sizes and kitchen appliances, I get the basement for a studio. A good deal if you ask me. The studio will double as kid’s space, but who cares. It is still a studio. It’ll take about 8 to 10 months to build the house, then, expect a studio post. And if you come by, expect some great pizza and cold beer. 

This got me thinking and I have a new site project brewing up that has allot to do with my plans for the studio, so stay tuned.

However, if I look at the coming month, I get (almost as) equally exited with "Something New" – A Photography Project here at DIYP. The project encouraged photographers to share equipment and to discuss it online. We also have some great prizes – some two-weeks body/lens rental courtesy of BorrowLenses.

I see this project as a great opportunity to learn and teach, to go Yellow (if you are red) to Red (if you’re yellow), to go back to point and shoot days or to try some high-end dSLR. It is also a great opportunity do some photography "things" together.You can use this thread to find partners.

Till any of those projects complete, here are some of my favorite readings for the last month 

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