Speed Links for 07-26-2009

speedlinksIn this edition of speedlinks: A great studio and posing resource, two bags, a fisheye lens; a fine fine-art tutorial and some more.

  • Your Guide to Making Fine Art Prints
    Epic Edits
    A great series comes to an End on Epic Edits and we are the big winner – we get a sum-up post. Everything you wanted to know about selling Fine Art Prints. From preparation through print, sign, frame and ship. Now all you need is to take the photograph
  • Tronix Explorer XT
    Tronix our beloved sponsors are making a great summer promotion. Shipping to the US is only 10$ on any Tronix XT unit. That 35$ savings on the already cheaper and better battery pack around.
  • The Rules Of Good Portraiture
    This has been around for a while, and still a great read. Benji from Sonshine Studios provide a golden sheet of thumb rules (and break about half of them) to portrait photography. Better than any posing book I’ve read. While you are on it, check out the rest of Benji’s tutorials. He covers anything portrait and studio.
  • Twenty+ Non-Photographic Essentials For Location Photography
    Got some spear room in your bag? Don walks us through more than 20 essential to have in your photography bag.
  • How to make a fish eye lens for a Nikon D-90 Digital SLR for $16
    While this mod will not earn you the famous sharpness of a Nikkor 10.5mm lens, it is a fun project; not more than 1 hour, and it involves an Entry Door Viewer
  • Pro Camera Gear on a Student Budget
    Michael Zhang tells us a bit on his buy&sell strategy. He managed to try all sorts of equipment while keeping a tight budget. (OK, he does that on a Canon system, but other than that this post rocks)
  • Smoke Photography 101: With a DIY Light source
    Beyond Megapixels
    This one’s here not for the smoke photography stuff (which rocks) but for the light source a CFL driven home brewed softbox
  • The contents of my photography bag
    Alex Wise Photography
    Alex is one of my favorites landscape photographers. Here’s what’s his bag looks like

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