Speed Links for 04-29-2009

speedlinksThis edition of speedlinks is pretty DIY centric. We’ll cover huge boom stands,  gaffer tape holder surprise, flash gel holder thingy,  some wacky flash diffusers and more.

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    David E Jackson
    There’s a huge section on this site that deal with various diffusion and reflection techniques. David took the next step and tries just about anything in his kitchen. Results are not a surprise – Trash cans diffuse the best 😉
  • Add a sync port to 580 EX (DIY)
    Photography On The Net
    You know how Canon users are always complaining about not having a sync port on their flashes? Well, problem solved. This (simple) heart squinting mod will add a sync port to your flash. (Of course, you can always pay another guy to do it for you.
  • Building a Bicycle Camera Mount
    Camera Hacker
    Now you can ride and take photos at the same time. This great mod will allow you to mount any camera to your bicycle. I’m not sure I’d trust this with a DSLR, but point and shoot people – this is definitely a mod for you
  • strobist-project-opensource-trigger
    As a code developer myself, I always enjoy a good open source project. Even more so when it comes to a Strobist project. The SPOT is an open source project for remote triggering a flash. Cost it about 48€
  • DIY 9.5ft Boom – 40 Bucks, 10 Minutes
    Max Wellander
    Had enough of huge camera booms? Try this great mod to a cheapo tripod – TADA! Flash boom.
  • GPP Group Shot = Pressure That Can Make Diamonds
    Zack Arias
    Zack Arias DIYed his way through scare-the-hell-out-of-yourself group picture at GPP
  • Get Ready for Pinhole Photography Day!
    If you’ve never heard of pinhole photography, this is a great place to start. If you have heard of pinhole photography, this is also a great place to start
  • Gel holder
    This is a great mod for holding a gel to your flash. Simple, Elegant, and most important – Fast. Fiz-Iks also have a great light painting section – the first vid look promising.

  • lens hoods – the best protection for your lenses
    Planet Neil
    You know that lens hoods will help with flare, you know they will protect your lens – did you know they can serve as portable storage?
  • Dubai Parkour Project: A Collaborative Student Video
    Chase Jarvis
    This is a great collaborative project from Chase Jarvis "school". Produce a commercial in one day. I love how the team rose to the challenge. Search the call for arms at the end of the post.

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