Speed Links for 03-28-2009

speedlinksLots of DIYing on today’s speedlinks. Going from Old Amiga sticks through film processing to some cooling advice.

  • DIY Studio Camera Stand
    Golden Eye Gallery
    This one is not a light pack&carry solution. Yap. in some cases heavy is good. Especially when you are doing copywork. This DIY mod is just great for copywork
  • Build a Film Developing Kit for Under $50
    Epic Edits
    While not strictly DIY, this project takes me back to the "good old" film days. It has all the magic ingredients you need to build your own developing kit
  • Building a Better Mousetrap
    DIYing get better when involving the fine engineering and lighting. Jim, the PocketWizard wizard engineered a mousetrap attached to TTLed Strobes. Result is one captured mouse and a some great story telling. Oh yea – and some nice mouse pictures.
  • DIY Ring-Flash with build imgs and sample shots
    DIY ring-flash
    You gotta love the ringflash. After watching those two great videos and a very detailed picture tutorial there is no way you can not make one on your own. Well actually this is not that easy, the images and movie just make it clearer -they went through all the hard steps for us

  • Amiga Joystick – USB Camera Cable Release
    If you, like me, are a big fan of the Amiga system, you’d probably get a kick out of this one. |It is good for Canon installed with CHDK. Oh yea – CHDK totally rocks.
  • A Cool Way To Store Your Stuff…
    The Global Photographer
    Got to love Pelican Cases. Matthew shoes how to use an "ordinary looking case" for storing your photography gear – the cool way

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