Spatial-Temporal Shift Of Pictures

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of PicturesA picture is an interesting subject if you look at it through the eyes of Doc Brown. It captures a single moment in time and spreads it over space.

But what if you could do it the other way around? Capture a single instance of space and spread it over time?

Well, this is just what Vimeo user lastfuture set out to try. There are no coding hints but I find the experience very interesting.

I was sitting in a train traveling through The Netherlands recently when for some odd reason I decided I had to take a video of the landscape passing by. I had no real use for it but decided to try and make something of it. I remembered slit-scan photography, a method where a slit is moved across the picture plane essentially taking a temporal image, where different times of the scene are captured on different parts of the film.

Here is the output video followed by a conceptual how to.

I would love to see the code that generated this….

Temporal Video Experiment via Pixiq