Sony Unveils the “World’s Best Mobile Camera” with the Announcement of the Xperia Z2

Earlier today, the 2014 Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, and it came packed with quite a few noteworthy stories. Nokia announced the immediate release of not one, but three Android-powered mid-range smartphone models; HTC announced its next entry to the mid-range Desire, sporting a 13MP camera; Samsung – well – remained Samsung with its overall minor update to the Galaxy S line (but hey – maybe that’s just my inner design critic getting frustrated at how much hasn’t changed about the phone’s look). Even if the Galaxy S5’s been grabbing most of the headlines for MWC, Sony still ended up bringing itself a good amount of attention with the products it unveiled today,

Out of them, the Xperia Z2 was what garnered the most interest. Sony’s latest addition to the Xperia line comes in bold colors, as well as bold promises; the waterproof phone packs a 20.7 megapixel camera, one which the company is proudly calling the “world’s best mobile camera”.

Let’s take a closer look at what a photography website would be most interested in on default: the 20.7 megapixel camera comes with a 1/2.3-type Exmor RS sensor, which Sony claims will bring you “sharp, vivid and beautiful photos and videos no matter what the circumstances”. Aside from photography, the phone will come loaded with the ability to shoot 4K video, along with apparent image stabilization technology. Sony also makes more mention of the potential the Z2’s camcorder holds, claiming the STM10 Stereo Microphone will offer high quality stereo audio recording.

While this is at the end of the day advertising at its finest, the news of any company putting serious focusing and marketing into their smartphone’s camera is always something I look forward to. If the first Sony Xperia Z model was anything to go off of, then the Xperia Z2 definitely has a decent chance of becoming the next best product of this year.

I really only went over this phone’s camera here, and there’s a lot more to this device that you may not know. For full coverage on what I didn’t go over, check out Sony’s official press release for the upcoming flagship model here. Sony’s Xperia Z2 is slated for release this coming March, along with the Z2 Tablet and the mid-range M2.



    Last time Sony came up with that same statement it was quite disappointing, hopefully they finally managed to work the engine properly.

    • Hoang Cao Nghia

      Last time, they came up with fastest AF mirrorless statement, the A6000 and it quite impressive so far. But this one probably just a marketing gimmick, Nokia will kick Sony ass by pureview for sure.

      • theSUBVERSIVE

        Well, but for that exactly reason it was a big disappointment, Sony is no small competitor in the camera market, why can’t they translate that to their smartphones? Don’t their internal divisions share knowledge and tech? For me, using a bigger than normal 20MP sensor on a smartphone was the right balance between IQ and the flexibility of being able to crop a picture since you have no optical zoom – and you don’t really NEED 40MP – but Sony didn’t come near to deliver it, unfortunately.

  • joe

    “World’s best mobile phone camera” is like “world’s prettiest rhinoceros”: arguable, but in the end still not good enough to take home with you.

  • Renato Murakami

    Bold claims for a smartphone that’s still sporting the regular 1/2.3″ sensor size of smartphone cameras… even if it has some Sony magic in it.
    Just wait and see how it compares to something like Nokia Lumia’s 1020 or 808 sensor, at 1/1.5″.
    The features are pretty nice though… HDR stuff and slow motion.

    • Ruben Vasquez

      Agreed. The sensor size was the first thing I was looking for and the fact that the Nokia line now offers raw output…

      This Sony is little more than the usual marketing hype. They got a long ways to go if they honestly want the top spot.

  • Christopher Tamayo

    Nah, I think Nokia has that title.

  • MarkoMaric

    I’d like that stereo mic for my DSLR 😀

    • James

      Oh, haha, I thought that was a flash.

  • mimstyle

    I’m not sure….. The new isocell sensor with contrast detection and pdaf, better dynamic range. For the Galaxy S5.

  • Eric Dye

    Unless they manage to make those sensors considerably larger they are always going to suck for half of the times you’d want to use them. (an actual flash would probably be nice)

  • Jared Lawson

    20 mp? Oh thats new…wonder how others will react, but without the sensors – not going to be an excellent point/shoot camera. Photography Tips / Gallery