Something to Chase

http://asmp.orgOK, I guess the pan in the title is well expected and not that original, but I really could not resist. If you are an aspiring photographer, a pro gonna be, an original thinker who wants to start a photography business, read on.

Chase Jarvis, the photographer behind all the photography-2.0 community-driven share-thy-knowledge buzz is offering a free sit to ASMP‘s SB2 event. Or in English American Society of Media Photographer Strictly Business 2 event).

That’s the deal – here is the "fine print":

Chase will happily provide you with transportation (If you are an Overseas like I am, transportation is from point of landing in US – anybody said New York?), accommodation and a free ticket to ASMP Strictly Business 3 days event.

In this event, you will hear lectures from top notch photographer and sharpen your photography business skill in areas like pricing your art, Freelancing, Marketing ad more (full agenda here).

To top whip cream with fudge, you’ll get to hangout, share ideas and interact with a bunch of talented out-reaching photographers.

What do you need to do to WIN?

Head over to Chase’s blog and (1) nominate yourself. You have 100 words for it so be concise, witty and charming. (2) Place a link to your photoblog / Gallery / site. (3) Cross your fingers and hope to get blessed.

PS – if you don’t win the freebie, you can always register like the rest of us ordinary people – here.

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