Something New – Two Winners, And Make Your Pick

Something New - A Photography ProjectThis is it, the contest is almost over. This was a fun contest to run and submission taught me a great deal about how we all see friends in different ways. It has also taught me that for the next contest we have here, I’d wanna have prizes that are globally available. (More on that in the upcoming week).

1st Place by You:

This spot remain open till you – DIYP readers – make a selection. Make a comment with your favorite image from the submissions below. In two weeks, I’ll tally up the votes and announce the winner of a two-weeks Body and Lens rental from

2nd Place by Jim Talkington:

"You poke his eye out, I’ll catch it" by yousaf.khokhar wins a two-week body rental from

This is a wonderful moment, friends walking along, unguarded and unposed. There is comfort, familiarity and humor, very important elements of friendship.

And, as a street photograph it reminds me of Henri Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment. The gestures and composition are perfect, the figures at right are interesting and it is all very spontaneous, captured at just the right time. I also really like the quality of the photo, it reminds me of film (so much so that I had to find out what it was shot with – a Ricoh GX100).

3rd Place by Brian Auer:

" " by Faraz Shah wins a two-weeks lens rental from

I’m a sucker for black and white photos, and this one is exceptional. I love the strong lines throughout the image, and the scene looks great with such high contrast. The main subject is a good strong character and the lighting on him is great. I also like the little slice of reflection where his hand meets the wall near the window.

The Really Cool Part:

This is where you can help to make the winning submission. Each submission has a number. Add your favorite number as a comment. In two weeks from now, I’ll tally up the votes and declare a winner. (Click the Image to seeit bigger).

1. Something to Hide by mfrechen2. Gerard and Olivia by mfrechen3. Friendly Censorship by mfrechen4. Track of thoughts by vishwats
5. IMG_7659 by marisa.beal6. Friends by jlbaynard7.  by _Faraz8. David and David sharing the music by Michael Perlman
9. ghormforms by tboyce5810. monkeying around by addieimseis11. silly cousins by addieimseis12. playdate2 by kharperpenner
13. Theodore by NicolaiYoung14. Hotel Gadesen in Douglas by Yolie Ramirez15. DSC_0024 by Filippo Salamone16. Tunnel by Yolie Ramirez
17. Striped Kitten by mcshibler18. Christmas 2008 by mcshibler19. Brown Pelicans by mcshibler20. omnomnom by jjrohal
21. friends by The Obvious22. Cooper by connerdowney23. DSC_9058 color by Yolie Ramirez24. Hi, it's me! by piszkosfreddy
25. Friends by heatherb55526. DSC_0234 copy by Mmmm@27. Jail Break by wowzer_4228. friends by karen ard
29. reunited by john.meguerian30. Daddy, Read Me a Story by gatherums31. Confidence by patricklnorton32. Music lover by navymc22
33. Best Friends by nicolesy34. Plaza de Armas - Cuzco, Perú. by SURF&ROCK (Miguel Navaza)35. Sarah by noxreallyxhonest36. spooky reflection by Juha Ruohisto
37. DSC_0009 by thatonecoolkid9438. Going to See Santa 2008 by koernerville39. Going to See Santa 2008 by koernerville40. DSC_1027-1 by allynwrench
41. Sky is the limit... by RaRaRaj42. Picture Yourself by silvsilv43.  by Yon Pol Fotografía - floe by zoe prinds-flash
45. she's gonna play you for a fool, yes its true by zoe prinds-flash46. American Diner by memekode47. Sing dude ! by borkmadjai48.  by yousaf.khokhar
49. Ear in finger day by yousaf.khokhar50. Just drop them up! by piszkosfreddy51. Leap of Life by j.amuncy52. Alex and his Father by Steven King Photography
53. Jalyn and Eowyn by Waterloo Fords54. Fakenger014 by PhilBlairPhoto55. Balancing Act by jigarntejal56. Octoberfest Pondering by roberTH VALIGN=
57. Day at the Course by j.amuncy58. Through the generations by Moment n Time Photography59. Kick it by arnaudin60. Guitar Heroes0003 by Photons fail me.....
61. 100_4257 by kelly onassis62. 181/365 planting raspberries by spring_peeper63. Dancefloor Tickle by william.neuheisel64. View from The Top by BIGJoe611

A great Gear Swap Review:

Silvio Padron participated in the first part of the project and did a great Nikon/Canon gear swapping review. So Silvio wins a one week lens rental from

Runners Up:

Runner up by Brian Auer: Daddy, Read Me a Story by gatherums

I like the tender moment this photo captures between Father and Son – and the fact that it was shot by his brother makes it all that much better. The low key lighting looks really great on the subjects too!

Runner up by Jim Talkinton: View from the Top by Joe

I you won, please contact me to get your prize.

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