Some Nasty Car Rigs

Some Nasty Car RigsA while back we had an amazing post about building a DIY camera car rig to take incredible images of cars. This is a common method for car photographers to get in camera smoothness.

Not a long while ago BMW created a series of promotional short films called “The hire” it’s all about Clive Owen driving some fancy cars in impossible situations with impossible passengers. A real treat if you like this kind of movies.

Now the cool thing is that BMW has a BTS film where you can understand some of the howthehelldidtheyshootthis scenes and sequences. Movie, pointers and some DIY after the jump.

I know you enjoyed the entire film, however, to get some focus on the rig shots go to 0:17, 0:54, 1:28, 3:09 and 4:52.

Now, this is a multi $$$ production what can you do @home? Here are some ideas:

For small compact, P&S and iPhones, try this DIY. It practically allows you to mount your camera to almost anything.

For some rugged car mounting rigs I already mentioned the rig based on the Super Clamps, Suction Cups and Magic Arm.

And now I just saw this nice quickie from Curious Drake that uses your ordinary 7$ suction cup.

Just make sure you are really (REALLY) anchored well before you hit the road.