Some Great Stuff From Around The Web

There are some great things going on around the web lately, and I really wanted to share them around. Either because they are really cool, or because (please ignore violin in background) I think they make this place a bit better, or just because they are lots of fun.

The first concept that I really think I want to be a part of is help portrait. I think this idea simply rocks. On the good side, it means that you’ll be doing good with your photography. On the great side, it means that your good will be shared.

The concept is fairly simple – Find someone in need, take their portrait, print it and deliver. 

I love this project cuz it is not just about giving a material substance away, it has lots to do with human interaction, and can be great fun to all who’s involved.

To learn a bit more about it head over to help portrait site, or watch the vid below.

Another totally unrelated news bit comes from the house of Chase Jarvis. A few months back I wrote about a little set of cards called trade secret cards. Chase has his own set of cards now, which you can buy on the trade secret cards site.

Another nice buzz (that again has to do with Chase), is the Nikon Festival. Here’s the deal – make a move about a day in your life, 140 seconds, and in 100,000 Dollars. Neat, right?

Chase is co-judging this along with Rainn Wilson (The "The Office" guy) and Justine “iJustine” Ezarik.

Here’s one from Justine, just so you get the general idea. Now go and make your own.

For a long time now I was doing a thing called speedlinks. It was a place where I shared my favs from the web. I also shared some of those on the side bar in a place called linkroll. Hey the Linkroll’s gone!!

Yes, we have modernized and I’ll share my fav’s via twitter now, where you can follow me, or catch my favs on the side where the web 2.0 linkroll used to be.

Lastly, about half a year ago we changed the rules on the DIYP Flickr pool. We wanted to make it more DIY oriented so every picture had to include some "making of" details. 

It was not an easy change, but the pool is getting more and more focused.

Sure we had the occasional day with ten kittens submissions and only one homemade beauty dish (we had some hard moderation on those days). Or the mail that told me that the group now sucks and I’m no fun. Or the day that I got the "I hate your stupid group" mail. But all and all it was a great change in the direction of the group and its ability to provide a DIY photo centric place on Flickr. There’s a great thanks to you and there’s a huge kudos in there for turning the pool into a great collage of DIY gear inspired art. 

There is more great news coming soon. I can tell you but then I’ll have to kill you. So stay tuned.

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