Smart Device For Photographing Rolling Shaped Bokeh

We’ve featured a fair share of videos using shaped bokeh, but it is always about the discs that makes the shapes. We never actually taken about how to get the lights that make the bokeh thing right. And for the most of it, it’s pretty simple. Just point your camera at a distant street / tree top / sparkling water / night car lights and you’re good.

Smart Device For Photographing Rolling Shaped Bokeh

Well, here is something different. A clever technique for creating moving dots of lights that are not driving cars. LIGHTS’s “Timing Is Everything” features a moving bokeh done by wrapping LEDs on a giant barrel like device and spinning it while shooting. Pretty clever if you ask me. (video and BTS after the jump)

Here is the video showing the effect, you can’t really miss it once it is coming.

and here is the BTS showing the gigantic wheel at about 0:38.

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