Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5

Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5The C-loop, R-Strap and Sun Sniper are three systems designed to change the way you carry your camera around.

They all share a similar idea – the strap goes inside the tripod screw. Of course, this probably makes the camera designers pull their hairs as they invested so much time in making those little two ‘ears’ that the normal strap goes on.

Anyhow, using a system like the C-Loop really changes the way you carry your camera around – something we have discussed before – it is way more comfortable that any “regular” strap.

In this tutorial Cameron Texter will show you how to make a DIY C-Loop for your camera. (warning, this is for a point and shoot, not sure I would trust this DIY with my Nikon D300 + the 24-70 2.8)


  • 1 x ¼-20  bolt (You might want a 1.25 inch bolt, because with the part on the U Bolt (below) that sticks out takes space away from the screw so you won’t have enough to get the screw to be stable in the tripod slot. I got the 1 inch bolt and had to sand off the part on the U bolt that sticks out to give it more room. Make your calculations before you purchase the items.)
  • 1/4-20 Extruded U Nut and another Extruded U Nut with a bigger thread size than the bolt, so it will glide right through it, but not have moving room.
  • Optional, but is really good to have: Washer that fits the size of the 1/4-20 bolt

The Build

The build is actually quite simple. All you have to do it take the two U Nuts and slide one onto the other one, with the hole that sticks out on the outside, on both sides. Make sure the holes are aligned.

Next, put your screw through the 1/4-20 screw hole and it should come out the other end since the thread size is larger than the screw.

[I made the mistake of buying the same size (1/4-20) U nut, and I didn’t realize my mistake that it wouldn’t go through the other end because the threads were backwards on the other end, so I had to remove the threads by drilling through the hole.]

Once you get the two U bolts aligned together with the bolt going through one end and out the other end, it’s finished, all you have to do is have a washer and then put your camera strap through the slots.

Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5

If you want that extra bit of safety, dub a bit of silicon on the screw so it won’t scratch anything.

The last step is to thread your “regular” strap ends into the places on the U nut.

Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5

Now you have your DIY C-Loop for under $5!

Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5

Sling Your Camera With A DIY C-Loop For Under $5

* C-Loop is a DIYP sponsor and we really love their stuff.