Six Great Swapping Ideas

Something New - A Photography ProjectWith only ten days left to our Something New – A photography Project, I wanted to share 6 ideas for swapping equipment. Swapping equipment provides a great chance to check both new equipment but more importantly to boot your creativity by trying something new and unfamiliar, forcing you to give attention to what you do. Once you’ve swapped and wrote a review you get to enter our prize winning contest – a camera, lens or combo two weeks rental courtesy of

1. Swap Yellow and Red – If you are a Canon shooter, this is the time to try one of them Nikon Cameras. If you are Yellow, Try a cool Canon. You’ll get a kick out of zooming out instead of zooming in.

2.  Swap DSLR and P&S – If you are a high end DSLR shooter, you’ll get a chance to watch the world though a non L non ED glass. Challenge yourself make your creativity count. If you usually shoot with a point and shoot, get exited with that addicting shutter sound.

3. Swap digital and film – Remember that great feeling that you had when you got to the camera store and they handed you a freshly developed film and a stack of images? You can go back. If you are shooting film, this is your chance to check out the easy-fast-fix that digital users experience.

4. Have a swapping party – do you go on a regular photowalk? Have a regular shooting party? Try mixing it up a bit. Swap your gear all over, so no one is left with their original gear. 

5. Swap prime and zoom – If you are shooting zoom, let your legs work a bit, get closer to your subjects. If you usually use prime, enjoy the ease of moving your fingers instead of your entire body.

6. Swap wide and tele – If you like shooting from a distance, try not being shy, get closer with a wide lens. If you are a wide person, try taking candids or long photos across the street.

Deadline is on December 20th, and you can enter by blogging, posting a flickr image or a forum thread. Share your passion.

Come December 20th, Brian Auer and Jim Talkinton will review the entries and decide on two winners. The third winner will be decided by you – DIYP readers.

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