Six and Two Halves Must-Read Free Digital Photography eBooks

Six free photography eBooks (+ two halves) for your reading pleasure. Click the title and go to the download link on the as marked at the end of each section.

1. Tinker Tubes – Personal Lighting Systems by Dean Collins

This is where the entire DIYPhotography blog started. A complete tutorial on creating a studio from nothing but PVC pipes, Ripstop nylon and Nikon SBs. Creating studio photography systems like the Ghetto Studio, the Backdrop Stand and Reflector Holders, are all covered in this book.

[26 mind expanding pages, click on "Download the Tinker Tubes book"]

2. Lighting 101 by David Hobby

Or should I say by The Strobist. The complete nothing but a strobe lighting guide. This is a great book for the starting photographer covering the following topics in depth:
– On The Go Lighting Gear: Clamps, Umbrellas, Swivels, …
– Strobe Lighting Techniques: Bounce, Bare Bulb, Hard Light, Ambient Balancing, and more
– Creative Flashware: Gels, Gobos, Ball Bungees

If you liked the book, you’ll surly love the blog.

[36 pages, click the "mirror" on the UPDATE section at the bottom]

2 1/2. JPG Magazine by 8020 Publishing

Jpeg mag is one of the better photography magazines out there. This photography magazine features readers photos (selected by readers), and also great articles (written by readers). In fact JPG mag is very similar to an online forum only it is printed. How cool is that?

In fact it is so cool that you can download a PDF version of any issue right from the JPG mag site. Go to "Issues" on the top banner, select the desired issue and click Download PDF on the right hand side. (Of course, you still order the JPG magazine in print).

OK, so this is not exactly a book, which makes it the first half of the six and three halves.

[pages vary, click the download issue on the right hand side]

3. The Image-Space Tips and Tricks collection by Joe Barrett

This is a great book for any digital photographer using Lightroom (and don’t we all). The Image Space is a blog dedicated to Lightroom Tips, and the books covers areas like:
– Using Lightroom full power to organize your images
– Making the best of the develop module

If you liked this book, you can follow the online Lightroom tips and tricks here.

[34 pages, click on "Download the free Lightroom tips eBook"]

4. Wedding Photography eBook by Edwin Leong

I found this book to be great if you would like to start a wedding photography business. Actually some chapters apply to any photography business. This great photography eBook covers allot of the subjects that may interest an amateur photographer that want to go pro. OK, it also covers some nice techniques, ideas and inspiration irrelevant of the business level you are at novice, advanced amateur or pro.

It covers allot of the business aspects like Marketing, Insurance and Taxes. It also covers equipment to be bought (OK, this chapter is a little bit outdated and you will find ancient history a chapter called "Film Versus Digital"), but lens choices and consideration still apply to the fast age.

The best part of this book is a great step by step walk through of a Wedding Day Workflow. From equipment preparation through pre-wedding shots, reception, ceremony, and rice throwing as the happy couple leaves the chapel.

Lastly, if you are after some gossip read the anecdotes at the end of the book.

[99 pages, click "Download free Wedding Photography eBook.pdf" near the bottom]

4 1/2. Technique by Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith (flickr) is a professional photo journalist. He does a great job at that and shared some of it in his partially written book: Technique.

Read the first 19 pages to learn about photojournalism on location shooting, photojournalism approach and several lighting setups (a srobister for sure). Andrew also discusses some of the more philosophical aspects of sharing our images masterpieces with an in-your-face truth about the Mona Lisa.

Since the flickr post is half a year old, I recommend giving Andrew a shout on his blog and tell him that we want the rest of the book. When the rest of the book shows up, this item will move from the half-ish status it is in now.

[19 pages (we want more!), click the PDF link under the photo]

5. Starting a Photography Business (An Overview) by Jim Talkington

This book deals mostly with the aspects of running a photography business like a photography studio (either still life, portraiture or other).

Jim shares 20+ years of photography experience in this book with focused articles on the business aspects of his life, covering subjects like:
– Marketing your studio
– Targeting your photography audience
– Creating an identity
– and more

Good news: Jim runs a blog, so if you liked the book hope over to prophotolife and read more great articles.

[21 pages, click the "Download free booklet banner]

6. Street Photography

This was one of the more fun-to-read books. It contains the musing of ten street photographers varying in experience and attitude. The book is build from ten chapters. Each chapter is prefaced by a photographer giving his take on the elusive street photography business, then there are some great street photographs.

[160 pages, click the download link on the left]

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